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About us

Andreas M. Mylonas & Co LLCAndreas M. Mylonas & Co LLC is an independent law firm in Cyprus, which solves its clients’ problems using the last procedures in legal services.

The company’s management insists on providing an individual service for each client, offering loyalty to each client whether they are a major corporation or need simple advice and help.

The firm offers services in relation to business activities and corporate law.

The experienced specialists of the company are ready to provide professional advice in the field of commercial and corporate law in Cyprus, management and asset protection, tax planning in Cyprus, trade and legal representation.

The full range of services consists of a variety of legal matters, including the registration of local and foreign companies, asset management, corporate services and trust management in Cyprus and abroad.

Philosophy and mission of the firm

The firm is a connecting link between business and government and commercial organizations.

The management and staff of the company are focused on ensuring effective solutions for each client. The firm offers individual attention for the various issues that may arise, according to the demands of each client.

Qualified advocates and lawyers in Cyprus offer a wide range of professional advice about law in Cyprus, tax planning, organization of corporate structure as well as the foundation and management of local and off-shore companies in Cyprus. All services are offered in one place and at competitive rates.


Andreas M. Mylonas & Co LLC

The lawyers of the company are focused on the future of the client and try to do their best to find the right solutions, whether for individuals or legal entities, giving an extra advantage to the client.

The main aim of the firm is to respect the client and to increase the clients’ trust in the firm’s ability and reliability.

The mission of the company is to offer high quality services, which stems from the firm’s deep knowledge in business.

The firm’s specialists focus on achieving positive results, introducing innovations and getting the maximum efficiency in solving problems of individuals and corporations.

Code of Ethics

Andreas M. Mylonas & Co LLCThe specialists provide high-level services to the client and are always honest, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of any decision. The firm’s lawyers provide advice taking into account the ethical and moral position of their clients and partners.

This ethics code derives from abiding the law and rules of the Republic of Cyprus. Our lawyers maintain a high reliability level in relation to all their former, present and future clients.

The firm will always act on behalf and in the best interest of their clients and does not co-operate with the client’s competitors. Furthermore, the firm avoids striking up relations with the competitors of the client, even after the relationship of the client with the firm has ended.

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