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8 Nov 2016
3 new recharging stations for electric cars will appear in Limassol

Зарядка электромобиля

Limassol will soon have 3 new recharging stations for electric cars. Currently, there are 15 in total across the island and they are serving 48 registered electric cars.

The Cyprus authorities are pleased wit the fact that the number of electric cars is growing every year. Government hopes that in 5 years the demand will grow significantly and additionally expects that in the worst case scenario, there will be 25% of all cars will be electric by 2040. This will happen if the oil prices will remain low and in the best case scenario, the share of electric cars should be about 50%.

The electric cars do not have harmful emission and they do not produce CO – the main harmful product for the atmosphere. Furthermore, motor oils and anti freezes are also not required.