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24 Jan 2017
Funding campaign to help the blind boy

Помощь мальчику

Parents of the 5-year-old blind boy Dani from Paphos hope to collect enough funds to pay for an expensive surgery in Russia. Dani already went through some risky and expensive treatments in Thailand. In June he will start another stage of his treatment under direction of the well-known Russian professor Dr. Ernst Muldashev.

The experimental treatment is made with the use of the new biomaterial “Alloplant”, which stimulates the regeneration of various body tissues.

In order to do the surgery, family requires 4,000 Euros, which includes the tickets to Russia.

Bank account details for donations

Beneficiary: Rafaela Dimitrova(mother).

A/C No.: 357013739469 (Bank of Cyprus).

IBAN: CY29002001950000357013739469.

E-mail: [email protected].

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