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3 Jan 2017
Hotels in Ayia-Napa commenced construction of the football fields

Отели Айя-Напы

Hotels, which are located in Ayia-Napa, commenced the construction of the football fields because of the record-setting number of players which will arrive to the island. It is expected that around 200 football clubs form Russia, Central Europe and Scandinavian countries will come to the island for training.

According to CypLive, the Anais hotel, which has already constructed 3 football fields, expects to accomodate approximately 50 football clubs at the beginning of 2017.

Apart from the initiatives of the hotels, the existing 15 football fields are renovated with 200,000 Euros allocated budget. The works will include the modernisation and improvements of the changing rooms, toilets and fencing around the fields.

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