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10 Jul 2017
Limassol and Nicosia fires were put out from air

Пожары в Лимассоле и Никосии

On Sunday around 15:00 the fire broke out in Kivides, a suburb of Limassol. Due to strong winds in this area, firemen used fire trucks, as well as helicopters.

Later, the fire broke out in the mountain region of Nicosia in Sinaoros. This time, 30 firefighters, 7 special vehicles and an airplane were involved in eliminating the fire. Volunteers and local residents also helped. Fortunately, no victims were reported.

Earlier last week a series of fires broke out on the island. According to experts, abnormal heat and human factor is to blame.

Also this week high air temperature is expected in Cyprus. Fire department urges everyone to pay extra attention and caution while engaging in outdoor activities.

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