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8 Sep 2017
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Президент Кипра Никос Анастасиадис

We are waiting for the guests! Why will the leaders of six EU countries come to Cyprus?
Helicopters, guns and anti-aircraft systems! A military museum will open in Nicosia.
How much money does the president have? Anastasiadis published a declaration of income.

Cyprus is preparing to receive important guests. In October, the island will host the South European Summit, a meeting of the leaders of the seven Mediterranean countries that are members of the EU (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Malta and, of course, Cyprus).
There were a lot of questions. First of all, as expected, the parties will discuss the Cyprus problem and the outcome of the failed unification conference. In addition, the agenda includes the results of Brexit and the possibility of Turkey’s accession to the European Union. The summit in Cyprus will be the fourth for this young association.
No fateful decisions are made at such meetings, but the leaders have the opportunity to coordinate positions on topical issues.

The authorities of Cyprus have thought about increasing the tourist attractiveness of Larnaca. And the first decision was the transfer of tennis courts from the territory of the ancient seaport.
This was reported by the Minister of Transport. According to him, the government has already allocated 900 thousand euros for the forthcoming expenses. The work will begin in the near future, and will last no more than a year. As soon as the courts are removed, archaeologists will take up the job – they will have to excavate on the territory of the ancient port. And he himself should become a place of attraction, both for foreign tourists, and for the inhabitants of the island.

A military museum will soon appear in Nicosia. And it will be created by the Ministry of Defense. The ministry said that more than 500-t exhibits have already been collected for the new exposition, including small arms, ammunition, military uniforms, as well as helicopters, cannons and anti-aircraft systems!
All weapons are in non-operating condition, that is, no one can use it, but it’s almost impossible to notice the difference in appearance. In addition, at the stands you can see photos of some battles, and read the testimonies of the participants in the battles … Cyprus has a rich military history, and the idea to create a similar museum has appeared for a long time. However, only now it was decided to allocate money for its creation.
Waiting for a bus in Paphos will cease to be tiresome. In the week it became known that public transport stops in the city will be equipped with Wi-fi access points. The municipality has already prepared for the tender. The winner will not only have to build new stops, but also keep them in working condition for ten years. The Ministry of Transport reported that Paphos may become a pilot region, the experience of which will then be used throughout Cyprus.
Interesting information for fans of counting other people’s money appeared in the week. It became known how much the president of Cyprus earns, and what he owns. The official salary of Nikos Anastasiadis is 13,538 euros per month, or nearly 163,000 a year. What the president spends on this money is unclear, since he does not have much property – two apartments in Limassol, and they were bought more than 30 years ago, there are plots of land and a vineyard, but they inherited it. Only 6 thousand euros have been accumulated on the accounts. True in the garage there are two roads of foreign cars – Audi and Mercedes.

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