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28 Nov 2016
Nicosia will be connected to the desalinated water network

Опреснение воды

The Director of the water development board Mr. Andreas Manoli said that the only supplier of fresh water to Nicosia is the Tersefanou Water treatment facility.

The recent technical works at the facility demonstrated the need of the back-up. In order not to let the city to live without water, by the beginning of the year Nicosia will be connected to the Vasiliko desalination system.

The long-lasting drought and low capacities of the dams led to the decrease in the water deposits. The main source of the fresh water in Cyprus are the desalination plants. Currently, there are 4 such systems, which produced 200,000 cubic litres per day.

This is enough to irrigate Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and parts of Famagusta.