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17 Mar 2016
Pixel house with 40 cm windows was constructed in Cyprus

Пиксельный дом в Никосии

An unusual house was built in the capital of CyprusNicosia. The author of the project is the French architect Jean Nouvelle, the laureate of Pritzker Prize.

The building, which resembles perforated paper, is called “Tower 25”. The large number of windows are chaotically distributed on the façade of the 18-storey building.

The height of the building is 67 metres, which makes “Tower 25” to be the 4th highest building in Cyprus. The two lower floors of the building host the retail section, next 6 floors are used for offices and next 10 floors are assigned for the residential purposes. On the top floor of the building, there is a two-level flat with the swimming pool on the roof.