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22 Mar 2016
Setting new dancing records

Греческий танец

The Yeri Municipality in Nicosia will make the attempt to set a new World Record in dancing. 600 people will be simultaneously performing the Cyprus folk dance “Syrto”.

The president of the Yeri municipality said that this event will take place within the framework of the “Colorful communities” programme.

In order to set the rcord, the Municipality offers free dancing lessons not only in Yeri, but in Nicosia as well. Citizens of any country, including Cypriots, third-country nationals legally residing in Cyprus and even refugees are welcome to participate.

The choreography will be simplified and any person who did not dance before, will be able to fulfil the requirements.

The actual attempt will take place on the 9th of October 2016.

For additional information, visit the web-site of the municipality.