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30 Mar 2017
The GSP stadium will be renovated

Стадион GSP

According to the Nicosia municipality, the old GSP Stadium will be transformed into a park with amphitheater and two underground parking lots. The decision about the the destiny of the stadium, which used to be the largest in Cyprus, was made on the municipal referendum in 2008. Now, it will be examined by the Council of Ministers.

It is expected that construction will commence after 2 years. By this time all the architectural plans and tenders must be completed. The Municipality already allocated 6 million Euros for the project and promised to provide 3 million more after the construction will commence.

The old GSP stadium had capacity of 12,000 people and was built back in 1902 by the “PanKypria” gymnastic Association. From 1991 it was used as the parking lot.

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