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14 Feb 2017
The holy icon Panagia Malevi arrived to Nicosia

Икона Успения Пресвятой Богородицы

According to the RuCy portal, the holy and myrrh-streaming icon of Panagia Malevi arrive from the Greek monastery to Cyprus.

The world-famous miraculous icon is said to be created by Luka. However it it famous for other reason as well – the icon heals all medical conditions, including those which are said to be incurable: cancer, Parkinson’s disease, blindness, deafness and even paralyze. This icon is especially valued by couples for healing infertility.

The icon is available for public at the St. Apostolos Mark church in Nicosia until 18th of February. The church is open every day from 06:30 until 22:00.

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