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9 May 2016
The “Immortal regiment” is marching across Cyprus

«Уходящие в ночь»

On the 7th of May, the Bike Club “UVN Cypruc MCC” has organized the ride along the Limassol seaside road and brought the victory flag to the concert on the Anexartisias square.

Furthermore, today in Larnaca, the commemorative marching along Finikoudes road and service in the St. Lazaros church and, of course the celebratory concert, have been planned.

Several countries have tried to restrict the event, however Cyprus is always friendly towards the commemorative date, because Cypriots also took part in the war. More than 3,000 Cypriots took part in the war.

You can watch the report from the ride in Limassol on the or on Russian Radio Facebook page.