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2 Jul 2016
Top News of the Week


External Factors: How Cyprus will be affected by the Brexit and normalization of the Russian-Turkish relationships.

The Cyprus government is evaluating the possible consequences of the referendum in the U.K. The British citizens have decided to withdraw from the European Union. Therefore, London must now initiate the official withdrawal procedure which will imply the breaking of the economic ties. The U.K. will have to build the new trading system because the EU rules will not apply.

Part of the exports from Cyprus are actually directed to the U.K., so currently the government will have to calculate and understand how the free movement of the citizens of both states will be affected: British citizens are fans of Cyprus as a holiday destination and there is a huge Cypriot community in the U.K.

During the summit of the European Union in Brussels, the President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades has declared that the life goes on after Brexit and that the remaining 27 countries must stay united and must cooperate with each other.

Another aspect which made the Cyprus authorities to take into account is the resuming of cooperation between Russia and Turkey. THe official Kremlin has announced that they have received the official letter from President Erdogan with apologies for shooting down the SU-24 in November last year. Ankara has also confirmed that the letter was sent.

At the middle of the week Putin and Erdogan had a telephone conversation, after which the Russian authorities have lifted their sanctions, including the prohibition for the tourist trips to Turkey. The experts are stating that it will take significant amount of time to stabilise the relationship, so there will be no decrease in the number of Russian tourists coming to Cyprus.

The Cyprus residents want to assist in the restoration of the destroyed forest.

The movement to restore the destroyed forest is gaining popularity in Cyprus.

According to the latest data, more than 20 of pine forest and fruit gardens were destroyed by the fire, which was proclaimed to the be biggest one in the entire history of the island. The further advancement of the fire became possible only with the use of the aviation. The residential areas were not damaged, but the nature has sustained severe damage. Enthusiasts are getting together in the communities and are organizing events in order to raise fund for the restoration of the area, so that Troodos becomes green again.

The White Walls is the best Tall building in Europe

The best tall building in Europe of 2016 is officially located in Nicosia (as per the results of the prestigious international contest which were published this week) it is the White Walls building.

The building is consisted a large number of small windows, which makes the building resemble the punch card. There are various shops, offices and residential apartments in the tower.

Due to the victory in the European contest ,the creation of Jean Nouvel will compete for the title of the best in the world.


Unwanted guests: poisonous Lionfish are found near the coasts of Cyprus.

The ecologists have raised the alert because Lionfishes were found near the coasts of Cyprus. These are small fishes of around 40cm in length, however they are dangerous for humans due to the poison which is stored in their fins.

The fish is not aggressive towards humans, but divers may get severely injured if they will try to touch the fish.

Usually, Lionfih is found in the Indian and Pacific oceans and only recently they appeared near the coasts of Cyprus (through the Suez canal) and have reproduced quite rapidly. The biologists have stated that the reason for their migration is the climate change and the increase of the temperature in the Mediterranean Sea.