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5 Nov 2016
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Ливень в Ларнаке

Aftermath of the storm. Heavy rains flooded the roads and interrupted power supply

The residents of the island had to deal with the consequences of heavy rains during this week. Larnaca and the surrounding areas suffered the most. Many streets were flooded and rescues services had to pump out water from the basements of the houses.

The heavy rains were accompanied by very strong winds, so some trees have fallen down and power lines were broken. As the result,several districts were left without the electricity supply. The consequences were resolved quite quickly, however the meteorological service warns that similar rains are possible.

The heavy rains, however, did not resolve the ameliorate the situation with the shortage of water in the dams of Cyprus. The officials stated that overall the precipitation benefited the agricultural sector, bu the dams are only 20% full. The desalination plants still remain the main source of the fresh water for the island.

The Russian tourists refuse to bail and will remain in custody until the court hearing

The Court hearing regarding the two Russian tourists, who were arrested in the Larnaca airport is set for 22nd of November. Until this time, the two Russian ladies will remain in custody because they do not wish to pay 500 EUR for the bail.

Two women, mother and daughter, started up a scandal in the Larnaca airport because they refused to undergo through the ordinary security check. The policemen tried to explain to them that the security check is the usual procedure, however women attacked the officers. As the result, they were arrested.

Regardless of that ,the 61-year old mother and her 23-year old daughter would like  to thank Cyprus Court and Cypriots for the unforgettable vacation.

The two women are charged with assaulting of the police officers and resisting to the arrest. Both deny any allegations.

Violent conflict between teenagers in Lefkara

The violent conflict between Cypriot pupils and Syrian refugees took place in Lefkara. According to the local press, the teenagers from the migrant camps were provoking the pupils.

At the beginning, the situation was partially resolved by the Head of the School, however after a couple of hours, the verbal abuse got into a massive fight. It is hard to define a winner, because both sides were injured. Some even required medical help.

It is worth noting that the refugees, until now, were quite peaceful in every day lives with the locals. There were no reports about the conflicts, as opposed to the continental Europe, where Migrants are quite often mentioned in criminal reports.

Cyprus aims to get rig of plastic bags

The plastic bags in Cyprus may become a thing of the past, as stated by the Minister of Agriculture of Cyprus. The matter is not only in the relevant desire of the Cyprus authorities, but in the EU Directive, which concerns all EU Member states.

By 2019, the use of the plastic bags must be significantly reduced. It is well-known that these items cause a severe harm to the ecological situation of the country. Most frequently, the bags are only used once and then disintegrate for hundred of years at the dump sites or they get carried away by the wind or waves.

Cyprus issues one of the highest numbers of residence permits in the EU

Cyprus is one of the most generous countries of the EU on the matter of the granting of the residence permits. The Republic is currently ranked 6th in the Union.

Last year, over 15,000 permits were issued, with 2,000 of those to Russians and slightly less to Syrians. The citizens of Philippines also made it in the top 3.

As far as the leader of the EU is concerned- the title was earned by the U.K.