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13 Feb 2016
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Лоукостер «Победа»

Off to vacations with Pobeda! Russian low cost carrier wants to fly to Cyprus

Cyprus and Russia will be connected by new flights. Low cost airline carrier “Pobeda” has filed the application for registration of its flights to Larnaka and Pafos. Carrier must first get the approval from Rosaviation, followed by licensing by the Cypriot authorities. Management of “Pobeda” expects the flights to be popular among the tourists who are organizing their vacations themselves, instead of using the services of the tour operators – the share of such tourists has been recently increasing. The company promises that the ticket price will be around 150 EUR for return ticket. Furthermore, this week, it was announced that brand “Cyprus Airways”- the bankrupt Cypriot carrier, may be sold and get a new life. The authorities have already received several serious applications. Now the specially formed commission will arrange for the tender in order to see how serious are the applicants.

Yes to Resort, No to Industrial Zone! Energy companies are banned from the Larnaca port

The residents of Larnaca are against turning of the resort into industrial zone and they were supported by the local authorities. This week, the municipality of Larnaca has banned companies Total and ENI from the use of the city port. Energy giants need the infrastructure of the port in order to conduct their geological research. However, the survey has shown that the residents are against such ecologically questionable neighborhood. This issue was further sent for voting at the town council, members of which have listened to the opinion of the residents. Currently the companies are looking for alternatives in Cyprus, which caused the negative reaction from the employees of the Larnaca port.

Cyprus to become the preferred destination among the Europeans

According to statistics of the beginning of 2016, the British, German and Russian tourists prefer Cyprus to Turkey. Complicated foreign policy issues, large number of refugees, as well as series of terrorist attacks – all of the above scares the tourists away. Due to the security concerns, the Europeans are amending their preferences themselves. Whereas, the Russian authorities have recommended to avoid Turkey after the incident with the shot down Su-24. Now the holiday packages were removed from the market and charter flights were cancelled. According to the statistics of 2015, Cyprus has hosted 9% more tourists, then the year before, however the share of Russians has decreased. The upcoming season, taking into the account current political agenda, may turn this tendency around.

Advertising spoils the view! Ayia-Napa authorities will removed the banners from the streets

Illegal advertising will be removed from Ayia-Napa. Annoying banners and posters will be taken down from the streets and facades of the buildings – as the local authorities have announced. Town council plans to not only improve the image of the town, but also earn some extra income. For every advert, it will be necessary to pay from now on and the bigger the advert, the higher is the fee. Moreover, it will be necessary to get the council’s approval and pass the test whether the banner or poster violates the architectural appearance of Ayia-Napa or not. Legal proceedings will be initiated against the violators of the new rules.

13th among the unhappiest! Cyprus included in the list by Bloomberg

13th place in the list, created by the well-known agency Bloomberg, of the unhappiest- interesting coincidence for Cyprus. The calculation of the results was made using the statistical data of unemployment and inflation in each country. The higher those are – the worse is the result. It is worth noting that in the list there are 63 countries – all of the are economically developed countries and overall, are not that poor. For example, Somali and Zimbabwe are not in the list. Most notable results are that USA is on 51st place, Greece is on the 4th. Leader of the rating is Venezuela. Russian took 14th place and Cyprus, as stated above is 13th.