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22 Jan 2017
Top News of the Week


Positive attitude. Reunification talks continue in Switzerland

The negotiations concerning the reunification of the island are also making the headlines of the Cypriot and international media. In Mont Pelerin another session of negotiations took place. The representatives from both sides,  as well as representatives of Greece, U.K. and Turkey, EU and the UN were discussing the matter for two days.

Moreover, the UN Representative Mr. Espen Barth Eide stated that negotiations were successful. However, he did not say anything about the outcomes, yet the attitude was positive. The matters of security and guarantees were also discussed.

The afore-named group was created after the conference in Geneva last week, which however did not yield any results.


Cyprus will receive new battleship was serious tasks

The Navy of Cyprus will receive significant addition in the fleet.In the next few weeks a ocean-rated battleship will come on duty.

This will be the first and only ship of such type in Cyprus. The tonnage is almost 1000 tonnes and length of 62m. Apparently it is a gift from the government of Oman, who also financed the modernisation of the vessel.

It has already been announced that the ship will fly the flag of Cyprus, yet the crew will have citizens of Oman. As far as military tasks are concerned, it will be patrolling the EEZ of Cyprus. Currently, the island is protected only by small patrol boats, which does not get far away from the shore.


Cyprus police is searching for a Russian citizen, who escaped on the way to the Court

Cyprus police is searching for a Russian citizen, who escaped from custody. The 42-year-old Arthur Kuznetsov was apprehended following the request of the Russian authorities, where he is charged with assault and drug trafficking.

He arrived to Larnaca from London, yet he did not get past the passport control. He was escorted to a district court of Nicosia, to decide on the matter of extradition. However, as soon as the his handcuffs, he managed to escape.

It was reported that his accomplice was waiting for him on a motorbike. Police considers the possibility of the informational leak and internal investigation is underway.


New legislation concerning the increase of pensions

Pensions in Cyprus can be increased soon- for the first time in 4 years. The relevant legislation was presented by the Government of Cyprus. It will actually address the issue of inequality between the “new” and “seasoned” pensioners.

The matter s that the rules for allocating the pension were amended in 2012. So those, who became pensioners after that date are getting much more than those, who acquired that status earlier.

The legislation will concern 162,000 people. However the increase will be less than 6 Euros per month.


The dams are full- water shortages are not expected


This year no water shortages are expected. At least, such hopes are created by the overflowing water dams.

This week, the announcement that the Argaka dam near Polis has overflown.

According to the local authorities, the overflow is very beneficial for the farmers. Moreover, abundant precipitation will speed up the recovery process of the forests, which were destroyed by forest fires last summer.

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