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“Cypriot meditation” Polis

PolisWhen visiting Cyprus, you definitely have to stop at Polis!

You should begin your trip at Paphos, where the B7 road will take you directly to this small town, located in the north western part of the island.

The picturesque landscape, coves and beaches, the opportunity to take a relaxing stroll through the narrow streets, the many cafes where you can stop for a coffee, fresh smoothie or juice, and the souvenir shops – all with a backdrop of fishing boats and lagoons.  This is Polis.

Life here is not like other major resort cities Cyprus, here it is quiet and measured, with a pace of life that allows tourists to relax, slow down and really enjoy the charm of the island.

Polis is a great place for a family vacation when you want to take a break from the world and experience the charm of the peaceful ocean, the friendly service, and to explore the various interesting places of the Akamas peninsula, as well as sampling the menus of the nearby tavernas, visiting the fish fair and yacht racing.


This city was known for a long time as Marion, but when Ptolemy II conquered the city the name was changed to Arsinoe. The city developed crafts and brisk trade with other Mediterranean countries, mined copper, and after the 14th century, the town was renamed Polis.

Must-see places

You can visit the local Marion-Arsinoe Museum, which was opened in 1998.  Different eras are on display, from Neolithic to modern times.  The museum’s collection has items from ancient dwellings and burial sites, cultural objects and everyday tools, clothing, utensils, artisan’s tools and much more.

To get fully absorbed into the Cypriot history and culture, it is worth visiting Aphrodite baths.  Walk along the Adonis path (about 3 km) and swim on the Latchi fishing village beaches near the town.  You should also visit the Botanical Gardens and buy fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers’ markets held here.


adonis wayBaths of Aphrodite

The Polis beaches (Eucalyptus and Fox Beaches for example), are quite clean and well maintained.  Visitors can breathe in the fragrance of Eucalyptus, shade themselves from the hot sun under the umbrellas and splash around in the clear, calm sea.

Water sportsThere are many restaurants and taverns nearby where the chefs will prepare delicious dishes that will please everyone, from fish and seafood, grilled shrimp in garlic sauce and white wine from the local wineries

For those who want to spend the vacation more actively, there are a variety of water sports available.

There are many hotels in Polis, catering for any taste and budget, which are also popular with the Cypriots themselves.  In addition, from April until October there are camp grounds on the beaches, with parking, where people can relax, hire equipment and visit the bars.

On the way back

KathikasOn your way back from Polis, if you fancy a little more travel and to try Cypriot village food – kleftiko, stifado, keftedes, and enjoy the shade of an old Cypress, then turn towards the village of Kathikas between Goudi and Milias, and stop at Kyparissos’ roadside family tavern.  Here you can relax and dine, and also sleep at a reasonable price.

At the fall harvest (if you are lucky), you will be treated to the grapes.  We also recommend you buy a unique earthenware wine jug inscribed with the name of the tavern.  It keeps your drink fresh and cool and will be a pleasant reminder of your holiday.

Make a plan for your leisurely holiday in Cyprus in advance, and don’t miss out on Polis’ charm and beauty.


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