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4 Mar 2017
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The UN peacekeeping troops got themselves under the spotlights

The UN peacekeeping troops in Cyprus were regularly under the spotlights of the media. Three UN employees are suspected in the robbery of the shop in the Northern part of the island.

A video recorded by the surveillance cameras was published in the internet, which shows how two civilly dressed individuals are distracting the attention of the shopkeeper, while the third one is stealing the watches. he management of the UN mission has undertaken to conduct a through investigation. However, Turkish media already expressed their concerns about objectiveness of such investigation because a bit earlier, an information was published revealing the fact that one of the high-ranked officers has acquired the citizenship of Cyprus, which is prohibited by the UN rules.

The Cyprus Ministry of Internal Affairs has confirmed the above, and also confirmed that procedure was done in accordance with the rules of the Republic. Citizenship was granted to a Lebanese officer, who is dealing with financial matters of the UN and is serving on the island for more than 15 years.

Coincidentally, all these messages appeared in the media when the negotiations process concerning the Cyprus problem came to a halt. Experts think that it can be a carefully planned act, which is aimed at defaming the UN mission. However, of course such statements cannot justify the violation of the law.

Immunity did not help: the ex-deputy of the public prosecutor is going to jail.

The large-scale court proceedings finished with the conviction. The ex-deputy of the public prosecutor is found guilty of corruption, fraud and causing obstructions to justice.

Riccos Erotokritou will go to jail for 3,5 years. The investigation against him was initiated by the Public Prosecutor Mr. Costas Klirides due to unsuccessful attempt to remove the head of the Central bank of Cyprus from her position.

The difficult proceedings were entrusted to a retired judge, who was able to collect the sufficient evidence to prove that the defendant is guilty. By the way, Erotokritou will be joined by one of the partners of the major law firm, which took part in the organisation of the crime.

In search of candidates! What is the purpose of the surveys 1 year before the elections?

1 year before the elections, the survey to find out the public opinions about the local politicians are being organised.

According to the acquired data, the actions of Nicos Anastasiades over the four years are supported by 53% of the population. At the same time, the majority (56%) do not agree with him on the matter of the reunification of the island and only 1/3 of the respondents believe that he manage to achieve some kind of progress in that regard.

Anastasiades is still blamed for the cut of the bank deposits and for inability to fulfill his promises. As far as other politicians are concerned, the current Minister of Defence Mr. Christoforos Fokaides  and the spokesman of the Government of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Christodoulides have the most support.

Clean and comfortable! Why are Cyprus beaches so popular?

One of the most famous beaches in Cyprus The Fig Tree Bay is ranked one of the best in the world. The largest website in the world about travelling- TripAdvisor, has ranked him at 19th place among all of the beaches of the planet.

The Fig Tree Bay in Protaras in one of the cleanest both in Cyprus and in Europe. In the European rating it stand firmly on the 4th place.

Furthermore, next to another beach Bania in Kato-Paphos, the first marine park on the island will be opened. Now this place is protected by the government, yet this does not mean that the access there will be restricted- it will be open of the public. Since this place has rich Marine life, it will be a great place for scuba diving.

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