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18 Mar 2017
Top News of the Week

Анастасиадис и Акинчи

UN tries to get the leaders back to the negotiating table

The UN special Advisor Mr. Espen Barth Eide is trying to find a way out of a negotiating “dead-end”. This week he met tih the two leaders to discuss this matter.

Two meetings were done separately, because Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci are still not ready to resume negotiations, even though both are constantly repeating that the negotiations process is not halted, but temporarily paused. However this is taking quite some time now.

Initially, the meeting in Switzerland failed, then Turkish Cypriots were angry with the decision of the Cyprus Parliament to celebrate the Enosis.

President Anastasiades recently said that this reaction is part of the campaign which is preceding the referendum in Turkey. However, he will be entering the Presidential race himself soon- the pre-election programme already started. However Anastasiades did not officially announce his participation in the upcoming elections, yet it is clear that the next year will be critical for him.

Why are dams still empty?

The strong rains did not improve the situation concerning fresh water reserves in Cyprus. According to the Water Resource Department, the overall available volume now is 24 million cubic metres, which is mere 30% of the total capacity.

In comparison, last year there was 25% more water. However, the authorities are not planning to introduce any restrictions for the public, yet farmers may be facing difficulties.

Earlier, the Cyprus authorities were already talking about the development of the desalination plants in Cyprus- it is possible to secure the fresh water supply for the entire island using new plants.

Wedding in Cyprus! Authorities plan to attract brides and grooms to the island

The Cyprus authorities are planning to develop the wedding tourism on the island. The relevant initiative are already being studied by the relevant departments.

Currently, 8,000 foreign couples choose Cyprus as place for wedding annually. Most of them are British, however there is also significant number of Israeli, Egyptians and citizens of other countries.

The CTO stated that the potential to develop this kind of tourism is quite high, especially if it will be possible to get to the Asian market.

1000 more trees will be planted near the Aphrodite’s Rock

Large-scale charity campaign organised by GreenCyprusCom is revving up. This upcoming Saturday the volunteers of the movement and ordinary residents of the island will plant another 1000 trees near the Aphrodite’s Rock.

The aim of the movement is to return the status of “Green Island” back to Cyprus. After catastrophic fires, the forest areas shrunk dramatically and their restoration is not possible without human intervention. The event is organised with the support of the Forestry Department of Cyprus. Everybody is welcome to take part.

For more info visit the website of GreenCyprusCom, where you can become a volunteer or donate any amount. The plan is to plant 20,000 trees over the next few years.

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