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24 Aug 2016
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Береговая охрана Кипра

The Refugee threat: the coast guard in the North is in alerted state

The security measure in the North-West part of Cyprus have been strengthened- the Coastal guards are patroling the sea and police is maintaining order on land.

The aim of the law enforcement agencies is to avoid any uncontrolled arrival to Cyprus of refugees from the Turkey. After the two instances of the refugees arriving to Cyprus, the authorities have decided to improve security measures along the coast between Polis and Kato Pyrgos. This is the closest to Turkey part of the island – just 64 km away from Turkey, which makes it very attractive for the illegal immigrants.

Due to the fact that it is increasingly difficult to get to the continental Europe, there is a possibility that refugees will choose Cyprus as the EU Member-state. In order to avoid the uncontrolled influx, police is in alerted state.

8 people were rescued near the coast of Cyprus

The large-scale rescue operation unfolded near the coast of Cyprus. Near Ayia-Napa, a vessel with 8 passengers on board (4 adults and 4 kids) almost perished beneath the sea.

The Coast Guard received the distress signal and rushed to help. A private yacht, which was nearby, was also ready to lend assistance. Everyone was rescued without any injuries. The reasons which led to the emergency situation are under instigation- the vessel was towed to the Ayia-Napa port.

No shortages of water are predicted: the desalination plants are working at their full capacity.

The head of the water supply department has assured the public that the should be no shortages with the fresh water. He stated that the desalination plants are working at full capacity and are able to supply the necessary amounts in full.

Due to the hot weather and rare rains this year, the dams do not hold much water, however there are no reasons to start the panic. Especially considering the situation which happened 3 years ago. Moreover, the four desalination plants are producing 220,000 m3 of fresh water daily, so there should be no shortages.

Roads in Cyprus are becoming safer

The safety level on the roads in Cyprus is one of the best in Europe. According to the latest data, every year the number of fatal road accidents is decreasing.

Apparently, from 2010 until 2015, the number of fatal accidents decreased by 25%. This is an excellent result, especially considering the statistic around the entire Europe: +1% for the same period of time.

Moreover, the number of traffic accidents which led to injuries has decreased by over 1/3.

Ready for the FUN: resident of Limassol are waiting for the wine festival.

Cyprus is getting ready for the wine festival! It is one of the most vivid and favorite events of the years, which starts in just a few days.

The centre of Limassol is getting ready to host the event: the statute of Vrakas (gigantic wine maker) has already been installed in the municipal park. Very soon the tents and ovens for the preparation of snacks will also be installed.


The main beverage of the festival is, of course, wine from the local wineries. According to the organisers there will be more than enough: 10 days of gastronomical pleasure are almost there.

This year the festival celebrates 55th Anniversary and for the first time, Russian language will be one of the official languages.