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7 Apr 2017
Top News of the Week

Взрыв в Лимассоле

New explosion in Limassol

The Cyprus police is investigating the new explosion in Limassol, which went off in the early morning hours on Tuesday in the building of Soho Night Club.

The epicentre of the explosion, which caused fire, was on the Ground floor. The Rescue teams swiftly arrived to the scene at quickly got control over the situation – the fire was contained in 20 minutes. No one was injured as the result. The night club is now closed for renovations, however now it is almost completely destroyed.

Police doe not have any suspects yet, but this explosion is similar to the recent one in one of the beauty salons in Limassol and maybe it was organised by same people.

Negotiations will resume: why did the two leaders change their minds?

This week, Espen Barth Eide announced that Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci will continue to looks for the ways to reunify the island. This announcement was made after the dinner, which he organised last Sunday for the two leaders.

Moreover, leader of the occupied areas met with Antonio Guterres himself, and after their meeting declared that he is “ready for the new start”. President Anastasiades, in turn, welcomed the fact that negotiations will resume and that he is looking for a constructive dialogue.

The EU sends aid to Cyprus to reimburse the damage caused by forest fires.

Cyprus will receive  help from the European Union for the restoration of the forests, which were destroyed by the fires last year. According to the local press, the European Parliament decided to allocate 7,300,000 Eur to Cyprus from the solidarity fund of the EU. the MPs have acknowledged that farmers suffered significant losses due to fires and drought.

The reforestation process was already taken over by volunteers and philanthropists. During the recent event organised by GreenCyprusCom, more than 1000 trees were planted near the Aphrodite’s Rock.

Everyone is welcome to take part. All details are available on the GreenCyprusCom website – one can become a volunteer or make a contribution for the greater good. Join in!

Working schedule of the shops during Easter holidays

The Central Bank of Cyprus announced that all financial institution will be closed for 5 days starting from Friday 14th of April until Tuesday 18th of April inclusive.

As far as shops are concerned, the situation is different. On Friday and Saturday they will be open until 18:00 and on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday all shops will remain closed- so stock up on food and drinks in advance!

This year, the whole of Orthodox world (including Russians and Cypriots) will celebrate Easter on the same day – 16th of April.