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18 Jun 2016
Top News of the week

Cyprus Land

Back to the Medieval times! The official opening of the Cyprus Land.

The main event of the week was the official opening of the CyprusLand in Limassol. The long-awaited opening took place on Wednesday and the park has commenced the full throttle operation. The President of Cyprus has visited the opening ceremony, which confirms the importance of this event. Mr. Nicos Anastasiades was highly satisfied with what he saw in the park, because CyprusLand is like a real trip back to the Medieval times. The main attraction is the 3D model of the island with all of the main attractions of that time are made with very fine details in mind: cities, people, the household items. Even the park itself resembles the Medieval settlement. In the park the visitors has the opportunity to get a snack and have a cup of aromatic tea or coffee. Mr. Anastasiades mentioned in his speech during the ceremony that CyprusLand is the place which is fileld with the spirit of history and it deserves to attract plenty of tourists, as well as local residents. The owner of the company GL Finance Group visited Cyprus for the first time 3 years ago for vacation, but was so impressed by the island, that he decided to make it part of his future life. Consequently, the information portal Cyprus Inform was initially created, the “Russian Radio” started broadcasting and now the CyprusLand theme park opened its doors.

The detailed report from the opening ceremony is available on our website and on the “Russian Radio” Facebook page.


Doctors in Cyprus are against the reforms and are threatening to go on strike


The doctors in Cyprus have organized a significant protest due to the plans of the ministry of Health to change the whole healthcare system in the country and transfer the state hospitals to the independent mode. Most importantly this concern financing- the authorities are not ready to invest in the development of the healthcare, forcing hospitals to earn money by themselves. Currently, the allocated fund are barely covering the existing costs, so consequently the qualified specialists are leaving the public hospitals and transfer to the private practice. The medical trade union confirms the catastrophic loss of staff. However the Minister of Health, during his meeting with the President during the week, has stated that there is no deficit of the doctors- and this is what caused the discontempt among the doctors. Hundreds of people went out on the streets demanding to stop the reform. The trade union is threatening the authorities with massive strikes similar to those, which happened in the winter. Therefore, Mr. Anastasiades also got involve in the process to try and compromise. He met with the representative of the doctors and urged the Council of Ministers to create new working places in the hospitals. In connection with the above, the activity of the Minister of Health is currently questioned.

The UN Secretary General has urged to speed up the Reunification process.

The UN Secretary General encourages all parties involved to speed up the process of the reunification of the island. Ban Ki-Moon was discussing the matter of Cyprus during his talks with the Head of the European Commission- Jean-Claude Junker. The Secretary Genera acknowledged the significant progress already made and stated that now it is important to put even more effort in order to develop the common decision between the leaders of the Cypriot and Turkish parts of the island. Last week Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinchi have announced that they are planning to meet more often and earlier this year they have declared their intent to resolve the matter before the end of 2016.

The Ministry of Defense plans to employ women as well

The National Guard of Cyprus may see women in their ranks in the nearest future. The Ministry of Defense has prepared the necessary amendments to the legislation regarding the professional military service. The Ministry was forced to make such a step due to the pressure from the public. Quite recently, the National Guard has announced the availability of 3,000 vacancies and only the applicants with the experience in the military were able to file their applications, women were not able to file their applications, because they are not allowed in the army. The Ministry confirmed that this does not comply with the equality principle and not its is up to MPs- they must approved the proposed amendments.