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16 Apr 2016
Top news on the week

Mossack Fonseca

Cyprus is in the centre of attention

In Cyprus, the issue with the Panama company Mossack Fonseca has developed further during this week. According to the European media, due to the publication of sensitive information, one of the biggest banks in Germany – Deutsche Bank has announced the termination of cooperation with the key banks in Cyprus, namely Hellenic Bank and RCB. The Times has started to hint on Russian influence by suggesting that RCB is connected to the Russian VTB, which was mentioned in Panama documents. However this conclusion is questionable, due to the fact that the bank has been informed about the termination of cooperation well in advance of the publication of the sensitive info, therefore these two events cannot be connected. Furthermore, the Management of the RCB thanked Deutsche Bank for cooperation and stated that they respect their decision.

The hijacker want to remain in Cyprus

The hijacker of the EgyptAir aircraft has requested asylum in Cyprus. This information has been confirmed by the head of Ministry of Interior. According to him, this will allow Mustafa Seif ad-Din to remain on the island for a little longer. The Cyprus authorities now will have to examine the application for asylum first and only after the decision has been made, to reply to the Egypt’s request for extradition. Mustafa Seif ad-Din was threatening the pilots with the fake bomb and forced them to direct the aircraft towards Cyprus. In Larnaca he surrendered to the authorities and stated that he did not want to cause any harm. Currently he is charged with terrorism and in Egypt such offences are punishable with the death sentence.

The roads in Cyprus will be patrolled by smart cars

It is better not to appear on the roads without a valid insurance. The absence of such can be discovered by police the moment the vehicle appears in their field of view. 10 super high-tech cars will be patrolling the road of Cyprus and they are all equipped with the automatic plate number recognition system, which instantly provides all the information about the vehicle, including MOT and payment of the road tax. The police managements is sure that this will help to reduce the number of accidents and will assist in investigations of crimes.

Island-wide cleaning day

The Cyprus experienced the thorough cleaning session. More than 15,000 people have participated in the eco-friendly event – they were cleaning beaches, forests and parks. Accroding to the organizers, the amount of rubbish collected this year is smaller than last year, which means that Cypriots are now littering less. Furthermore, this week the European statistics on the amount of rubbish per capita was released: Cyprus is one of the leaders of that anti-rating, with 626 kg. of rubbish annually per person! This is the second place in the EU – only citizens of Denmark are producing more rubbish.

The 55th Anniversary of the first flight of the person in space Cyprus has celebrated the International

Day of Human Space Flight. The celebrations took place in Nicosia on the 12th of April, the 55th Anniversary of the first flight. In the early morning the officials and pupil of the local schools brought flowers to the monument of Yuri Gagarin. During the day, the Russian centre of science and culture exhibited the works dedicated to the first human flight in space. The documentary about the discovery of space was also shown there. In the evening, there was a concert where many Cypriot bands and even the choir of the Nicosia Municipality have participated.