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7 May 2016
Top news on the week

Флаги Турции и ЕС

Turkey lifts the visa requirements, yet refuses to recognize Cyprus

The most important news of the week came to Cyprus from Turkey. The Turkish government has decided to abolish the entry visas for Cyprus nationals. Turkey was forced to make this step in order to comply with its agreement with the EU on abolition of the visas, which is in the Turkey’s interests. The European Commission has recommended to lift the visa requirements for all Turkish nationals- as this was one of the main terms of the deal between the EU and Ankara on the issue of illegal migrants. Cyprus, as part of the EU was also mentioned in the relevant documents. So Anakara, reluctantly, made the decision, which five years ago, would’ve been considered unbelievable. However, the Turkish officials pointed out that the official mentioning of the Greek-Cypriots does not mean that Turkey recognizes the Republic of Cyprus as a State. Furthermore, there was another headline in relation to the occupation of the Northern part of the island. According to the local media, Ankara is planning to set up military bases, similar to those of the UK. Supposedly, the relevant documentation was submitted to the UNSC as part of the plan to resolve the Cyprus problem.

The 500 Euro notes will be removed from circulation

Important announcement concerning the residents of Cyprus. The European Union has decided to remove the 500 Euro note from circulation. Of course, it is not necessary to rush to exchange these notes, because the process will not be quick- these notes will be gradually removed from the circulation and will be destroyed. Among the reasons for such a decision of the EB is the increase in electronic fund transaction, as well as the popularity of the note among the criminals.

The “Immortal Regiment” in Cyprus

Russian-speaking resident of the island have decided to join the annual worldwide event commemorating the participants of the WWII. There will be two marches of the “Immortal regiment”- on the 7th of May in Limassol and on the 9th of May in Larnaca. The enthusiasts were spreading the information about the event in the internet and many people have responded. In relation to the Victory Day celebration itself – of course the scale of celebrations is not as big as people from former USSR got used to. However, people swill remember the lessons learned and commemorate every victim of the battlefield. The war took lives of hundreds of Cypriots, who were mainly the volunteers in Greece.

The heat is replaced by the cool period. What is next?

The weather was in the centre of attention during the week. The unusual heat was replaced by some cooler temperatures. The air temperature fell by few degrees- from 26 to 20 on the coastline and to quite cool temperatures up in the mountains. This weather was caused by the cyclone which brought rains to the island. The meteorological service has stated that precipitation is for the Cyprus’ benefit: the air will be clear from the dust. Furthermore, such a cool period should be taken as a short break before new heatwaves. The temperature is expected to rise up to +30 in Limassol by the end of the next week and it will be a couple of degrees less in Paphos and Larnaca. The sea temperatures are expected to rise quite quickly.

Flower Festival

Flower festival in Cyprus- the Anfestria is a significant event among other May celebrations. The beautiful medieval tradition, which is respected by almost all residents of the island, regardless of age and social status. The cities of Cyprus are transforming- the vivid flower fairs are everywhere and air is filled with the flower aromas. Anfestria is one of the most colorful celebrations of the year- with dancing, concerts and flowers are everywhere. The central carnival is in Paphos, however both Larnaca and Limassol are also organizing fun events.