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14 May 2016
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Врач в наручниках

Doctors’ fraud- another suspect is arrested

This week the corruption scandal in the healthcare sector got new development. Police has arrested another doctor, who is suspected in bribery. He was apprehended in the Larnaca airport immediately after arrival to Cyprus. Therefore, overall there are three suspected doctors, including one of the top managers of the Nicosia General Hospital. According to the police, all of them have abused their position and made illegal profits on the patients. The scheme was roughly as follows: the patients, who required urgent admittance to the hospital, were told that there are not places in the General hospital and they were even shown occupied beds with dressed mannequins. When the patients ask what the alternative is, they were offered to go to a private clinic, which provides exactly the same services, but not free of charge. For each of such patients, the doctors were getting commissions and the scheme was working for more than 6 years. During these years, the suspects managed to earn many thousands of Euros. All three are charged with criminal conspiracy, fraud and malpractice. Police is now investigating the possibility of similar scheme operating in one of the hospitals in Limassol.

The water reserves are sufficient for the whole season

The Water Department of the Republic has stated that there will be no interruptions of the water supply this year. However, the situation remains tense – the dams are filled to 1/3 and the rains did not improve the situation much. The consumers, however have nothing to worry about – the desalination plants are working at their full capacity. There is enough drinking water and water for agricultural needs. However, the ecologists are already warning about the situation, since the reserves are decreasing. In comparison, at the same time last year, the dams were 50% full. Новое землетрясение произошло на Кипре. В середине недели два подземных толчка ощутили

Earthquakes in Cyprus

New earthquake has struck Cyprus. In the middle of the week two earthquakes were felt by the residents of several cities. The first hit of 4,2 woke up the residents of Larnaca. The epicenter was 10 km deep. There were no casualties or property damage reported, many were scared. The second hit was much smaller with magnitude of 3 on the Richter’s scale. Cyprus is located in the zone of seismic activity and earthquakes happened quite frequently, however usually the go unnoticed.

Obesity threatens the population

Cypriots are suffering from obesity. The Dietologists Association has published their statistical findings this week, whereby over 60% of the residents are suffering from excessive body weight of one degree or another. Almost 6.5% of Cypriots are having insufficient body weight. Only 1/3 of the population complies with the medical standards. The Ministry of Health has pointed out that obesity becomes serious problems and it mostly affect children. The excessive body weight has negative influence on the life expectancy. Not long time ago the British scientists have published their statistical data about the EU, which stated that the Cypriot men have the highest BMI in the whole of the EU.

Minus One is in the final

The band Minus One became one of the stars of the Eurovision song contest. Their performance is still discussed all over Europe. “A breath of fresh air”- is how the music fans evaluated their performance. Eurovision- is a contest of popular songs. Every year millions of people are watching the show all over the world. The mere participation in the contest is almost like a victory for the musicians. The Minus One band with their song Alter Ego managed to qualify to the final of the show and won the attention of listeners all over the world.