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5 Mar 2016
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Лоукостер «Победа»

While Charlie is still preparing, “Pobeda” is ready to fly! New airlines for Cyprus

Cyprus will see the formation of another airline carrier. The owners of Russian S7 Group will participate in its formation. The name has already been revealed- it will be “Charlie Airlines”. The company has explained that the name has not been randomly chosen- the term “Charlie” is used in UK for Cypriots who have migrated there. However, the connection with an airline company remains unclear. Possibly the UK will be one of the destinations for the Charlie Airlines. However, this is just a guess, since the timetable is not determined yet and the first flight is planned only for the end of the year. However, it is known for sure that at the beginning, the company will have 2 Airbus 321 aircrafts which belong to S7.

In the meantime, low-cost carrier “Pobeda” is finalizing the timetable for the flights to Cyprus. In the beginning of the week, the company has received the official permission to consduct flights to the island. There is information that daily flights from Russia to Paphos and Larnaca airports are planned. “Podeda” plans to start scheduled flight by the beginning of summer.

New rules for street advertising! Paphos will be cleansed from ugly banners

The Paphos authorities declared war on the ugly advertising. All the illegally placed and ugly banners, posters, billboards will be removed from the streets. In 2017 Paphos will be the cultural capital of Europe and apparently there is not much time left to get the city in the right shape. However, it does not mean the all adverts will be removed. The new rules specifying the size and style of adverts are currently under development. Those adverts, which do not comply with the rules, will be removed and put into designated warehouse, from there the owners will be able to collect them. In the next few
months, every corner of the city shall transform into cultural open space: parks, streets, residential districts and even beach should remind about 1000’s of years of Paphos’ history.

Rain vs. Dust! Forecasters assure that weather in normal

The weather in Cyprus brought an unpleasant surprise. The warm air from Africa has caused a dust storm once again. The amount of harmful particles in the air has rapidly increased. However, the dust did not stay in the air for long. Pouring rain has cleaned the air and decreased its temperature slightly. The weather forecasters confirm that the current weather in the coastal areas corresponds to the one expected during this time of the year. However, in the next few days a rapid increase of temperature is expected.

10 days of fun! The famous Carnival has started

Limassol made it into the best 100 cities in the world valued by the quality of life – namely 88th place, according to the rating of the Mercer company. The cities were evaluated on more than 40 parameters, including quality of healthcare and education, availability of housing and food, cultural life, crime level and, of course, the climate. Limassol scored adequately in most of the parameter. The leader of that rating is Vienna (Austria), once again.

By the way, the famous annual carnival has started in Limassol. 10 days of crazy fun – concerts and circus shows on the squares of the city, exhibitions, contests, ride of classical car – everyone will find something interesting. In the end of all the festivities- the Grand Parade, for which thousands of tourists from around the world are coming. This year, the Carnival’s slogan is “Limassol, the diamond of the Mediterranean”.

Event not to be missed!