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7 Jul 2017
Week’s Top Stories

Никосия. Жара

Deadly heat already took lives. How to protect yourself in this weather?

One of the most discussed topics of the week, undoubtedly, was the weather. For several days island’s residents and guests felt exhausted from the heat, while the temperature was close to the record numbers.

In Nicosia the air temperature hit + 45°C, which was the highest value among all European capitals. It was not getting any better in the coastal cities – in Limassol and Paralimni the temperature reached + 42°C, and even in Troodos, the mercury was sometimes climbing to + 36°C.

Two pensioners fell victims of abnormal weather – both died from a heat stroke and dehydration. In this regard, the Ministry of Health reminds, that during the heat it is recommended to spend as little time as possible outdoors, to use headdress and drink more water, avoid alcohol consumption, eat more vegetables and fruits, which by the way have become much cheaper now.

Why Cyprus talks are not moving forward? No progress at Cyprus conference

At the conference on Cyprus reunification held in Switzerland, the parties seem to fail finding a common solution and are not ready to compromise as yet.

The Turkish delegation once again stated that it is not going to withdraw its troops from the northern territories, although Greek Cypriots insisted on this and even suggested creating a group to facilitate the process. At the same time, Turkish Cypriot community leaders expect Greek Cypriot side to compromise in the matter of governing bodies formation and request equal distribution of benefits from island’s natural resources among all citizens.

Greek Cypriot delegation also noted that the Special Adviser of the UN Secretary General, Espen Barth Eide, took a pronounced pro-Turkish position at the talks. It is believed that he is trying to lobby Ankara’s interests and its controlled leadership of so-called, unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

This conference is not the first effort of both parties to reach the agreement, but it may well be the last. The enthusiasm of parties is slowly fading away and participants are not hiding their disappointment about the outcome of Cyprus talks.

World Recognition! Cyprus scientists won NASA competition

The news received this week, confirmed that the higher education in Cyprus is becoming comprehensive and gaining a good reputation.

The team of students and graduates of the University of Cyprus won the Space Apps Challenge-2017 competition, held under the auspices of the American Space Agency.

More than 2 thousand people from 69 countries took part in the intellectual competition. All teams offered their own vision, but the idea of Cyprus team was considered the best.

Young scientists came up with the emergency shelter for people caught in the centre of a natural disaster, be it fire, earthquake or floods. The shelter can be used when evacuation of people by other means is impossible. Transportation of up to 18 stranded people can be carried via air.

One of the reasons why the team of the University of Cyprus decided to implement this idea was the problem with wild fires, which quite common for Cyprus. The fire spreads rapidly, and sometimes it’s impossible to hide or escape it.

By the way, during the week the firemen had to fight the fire near Vasiliko power station, which is the largest in Cyprus. Also, on the occupied territory more than 800 hectares of green forests were destroyed.

Russian Radio reached Hungary. Who is listening to our radio broadcast in Budapest?

One more inspiring story this week! It turned out that the signal of  Cyprus based “Russian Radio” can be caught in Budapest. And it’s not coming through the Internet broadcast. Our editorial staff received a letter from a Hungarian radio amateur, who was able to catch “Russian Radio” signal, broadcasted from Cyprus. As a proof, he sent a record and technical details of the broadcast.

It is clear that this person uses special equipment to catch a radio signal, which remains an interesting hobby for him. He said that the collection he has, already comprises of dozens of different world’s radio stations.

In order for the broadcast signal to reach so far (distance from Budapest to Nicosia is about 1800 km), weather conditions are very important.

Russian Radio team was happy to hear these news and sends warmest regards from sunny Cyprus to everyone, who is listening to us around the world!

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