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5 May 2017
Week’s Top Stories

Анастасиадис и Акинчи

Money and power – main discussion subjects at ‘Cyprus talks’

Financing of Cyprus will be discussed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as soon as the decision on Cyprus reunification will be made.

Leaders of both communities discussed the political rights to be granted to Turkish Cypriots and their prospects in Europe, after the reunification of the island will take place. President Nikos Anastasiades and Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinchi are also planning to raise these issues at the meeting with administration of the President of European Commission, to be held on 10th May.

It is still too early to plan the conference on ‘Cyprus problem’ though, since too many questions remain unresolved at this point.

Minister resigns. Reshuffling at the Ministry of Interior

A major reshuffling is expected at the Ministry of Interior after Socratis Hasikos has handed in his resignation.

President accepted the resignation, but asked the minister to remain at his post for the next 2 weeks until a replacement will be found.

Hasikos explained that he is leaving his post due to the personal matters.

Cyprus media has reported earlier about misunderstandings between the Minister of Interior and Auditor-general concerning the agreement for the renting of a building to the Civil Aviation Department in 2016.

Wear seatbelt! A new campaign of Cyprus police

Cyprus police is launching a new campaign to raise awareness and educate drivers and passengers on importance of wearing a seat belt, while using a vehicle.

Most of the drivers still think that use of a seat belt is only compulsory for passenger at the front of the vehicle. Whereas, according to the current seat belt laws, all passengers travelling in the vehicle are obliged to wear seat belts. The failure to do so will result in drastic fines.

Police reminds that every passenger is personally responsible for his safety and is liable for breaking the safety rules. Parents, in the meantime bare responsibility for children, who travel with unfastened seat belts.

Jasmine in Limassol! A new symbol for the city?

Limassol can become a jasmine paradise.  Cyprus development institute came up with the interesting idea to make jasmine flower a new symbol of Limassol.

At the conference held last week, it was proposed to make jasmine one of the brands of the city, which will also allow attracting more tourists to Cyprus.

Jasmine saplings can be distributed among city residents, who can plant it in their private gardens, as well as in municipal gardens and parks.

If this idea will be accepted by the municipality, Limassol will become the most blossoming city in Cyprus.

A hobby transformed into a lifetime project. Cyprus Inform celebrated 5 year anniversary

Cyprus Inform celebrated a 5-year anniversary on 3rd of May.

The project, which started as a hobby, developed into a serious business. Cyprus Inform today is a group of companies with successful operations in different business areas, which also includes Russian Radio.

Maxim Okulov, the founder of Cyprus Inform, started his website to share his thoughts and experience about Cyprus with likeminded people. Surprisingly, the popularity of the website was growing quickly. Number of visitors was increasing; people were calling and asking for a meeting to find out more about Cyprus and the possibility of relocation to the island.

This is how Maxim Okulov met a successful businessman and investor German Lillevyali . And this is how on 3rd of May 2012 the idea about making Cyprus Inform a number one media portal for Russian speaking audience in Cyprus was born.

Starting as an ambitious idea, today Cyprus Inform Group comprises of tourism agency, Cyprus Land theme park, property agency, a studio of video production, and of course, Russian Radio. And this is just the beginning!

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