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Cyprus Inform. When hobby becomes a lifetime project

5 years together - Cypru Inform Group

Cyprus begins with love

Indeed, Cyprus as all important things in life begins with love. After moving to Cyprus in April 2010, I started thinking about effective use of my skills and talents. Being a journalist, a writer and a blogger passionate about Cyprus, of course, I started my web-site, where I was sharing my experience and thoughts about what I have learned, seen and how it made me feel.

Just the way how Petrarch was praising Laura and Pygmalion was creating beautiful Galatea.

It started as a hobby for me. I was replying to the comments and letter of website visitors and meeting some of them for a coffee to find out about their Cyprus experience. This is how I met German Lillevyali and his wonderful family.

A businessman, who has founded an international financial company decided to find a perfect place to live for his family – away from winter cold and slush.

He came to Cyprus just for a month to soak up the sun. Our meeting was suggested by his wife, who came across my articles on Cyprus Inform website. This is how the first short visit to Cyprus still lasts until today.

Happiness available to all

We met with German for the second time on 3rd of May on a sunny summer day. We were sitting on a summer patio at the restaurant of the Aphrodite Hills golf club. The birds were chattering, the light breeze gently played with the hair locks, and sun rays silvered the tips of the emerald grass of the golf course.

‘Maxim, you and I have a lot of work to do’, German started a conversation, as if we were about to discuss an upcoming weekend party, ‘Thanks to you and your website, me and my family discovered a wonderful Cyprus. Let’s make this wonder available to all. Let’s make Cyprus Inform the main media portal of Cyprus for Russian speaking audience. Would you agree?’

It did not take long to convince me. I am still very grateful for this meeting. These 5 years have been an amazing time, sometimes difficult and challenging – the time of formation, breaking of stereotypes and barriers.

On Air. Online. On the go!

Today, Cyprus Inform Group owns Russian Radio in Cyprus and a video production studio, which I have to admit, is my favourite project.  We offer a top quality services in a field of video production.

Fast growth and development of the company was a result of personal and professional growth of our team. Five years ago I could not imagine myself giving a public speech in front of the audience. Now, with our growing project it has become a reality!

Together with a talented architect Svetlana Petrachkova we have implement a unique project of ​Cyprus Land – a medieval theme park in Limassol.

Being a licensed travel agency, Cyprus Inform organizes excursions all over Cyprus and is planning to implement many other interesting projects. We are trying to make every project a high quality product, and offer an experience, which will bring happiness and joy to everyone. Love is the leading force in all our beginnings, love for Cyprus and a strong desire to make life on the island enjoyable to all.

Sincerely yours
Maxim Okulov

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