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13 Jul 2016
Workings hours of the lifeguards in Cyprus will be extended by 2 hours

Отдыхающие на пляже

The Cyprus authorities decided that the working day of the lifeguards on the beaches of Cyprus will be extended by at least 2 hours.

From now on the lifeguards will supervise swimmers from 09:00 until 19:00. However, in certain places the working hours will be extended by additional 2 hours at Municipality’s discretion.

The Ministry of Interior decided to make the relevant reforms after a chain of deaths around Cyprus.

Two people drowned in the coastal regions of Limassol. The tragedy happened when the beach was not supervised. Furthermore, one tourist died on the popular, but un-supervised beach in city of Paphos.

The Ministry of Interior decided to improve the security on the beaches and they also plan to extend the duration of the period which requires special attention.

Consequently, in 2017, the beaches will be supervised as early as May, in order to minimize the number of accidents.