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AnySafes: Security Products in Cyprus

Feel safe with AnySafes!

AnySafes is a family owned business selling one of the most extensive ranges of safes, at the lowest prices available and with the best customer service.

The online store provides the best quality safes available on the market from the world’s leading safe manufactures to suit individual homeowners, businesses, gun owners, data media and hotel’s needs and requirements. Thus, the company boasts an extensive range of different security tools for even the most demanding customers.

The company provides product range for the following categories:

  • bAnySafes Safesusiness
  • banking,
  • industrial,
  • public sector,
  • consumers,
  • stores.


AnySafes specialise in supplying Fireproof & Burglary Grade Resistant Safes of all kinds and sizes. The company has tested with all appropriate levels of certifications, such as CE, ISO 9001, UL, ECB-S, SP, SINTEF, and the ECB Test.

The range of production

AnySafes Company offers an extensive range of security products, suitable to the individual customer’s needs, ranging from locks and cylinders, safes and cabinets for keys, data, important documents and all kinds of safes for the home or office.

For the convenience of customers all the security products are classified by design and application:

Safes of all Kinds & Sizes

  • AnySafesFireproof Safes
  • Burglary Safes
  • Security / Electronic Safes
  • Gun Safes
  • Hotel Safes
  • Depository Safes
  • Fire Data Safes
  • Wall Safes
  • Floor Safes


  • Fire Filling Cabinets
  • Filling Cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Cupboards

AnySafesKey Management Solutions:

  • Key Safes
  • Key Cabinets

Money Counters & Detectors:

  • Money Detectors
  • Money Counters
  • Coin Counters & Sorters

AnySafesCash Box & Drawers:

  • Cash Drawers & Trays
  • Cash Boxes

Locks & Cylinders:

  • Cylinders
  • Locks
  • Padlocks
  • Electronic Locks
  • Hotel Locks


As safe specialists the company’s personnel are able to offer a full range of services including delivery, installation and repairs.




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