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BBQ Foukou: barbeque and grill accessories in Cyprus

Souvla is not only delicious but preparing it also provides the opportunity to chat with friends and gather family ’round the table, whether it’s a picnic in the courtyard of your house, or in the mountains among the mighty giant trees, or a quiet family dinner — it’s a Cypriot tradition!

BBQ Foukou is a family-run business that produces a variety of barbeques and grills. The company offers grills and accessories for Souvla and Kebab both in Cyprus and abroad and also creates custom made items, to suit the customer’s particular requirements.

Souvla Equipment in Cyprus

BBQ Foukou

Souvla is a world-famous traditional Cypriot food. Although similar to kebabs and meat on the barbeque, this Cypriot delicacy has features all of its own, and the secret to cooking Souvla lies with the equipment. BBQ Foukou offers an extensive selection of grills and barbeques for every occasion!

At BBQ Foukou you can purchase:

  • Barbeques. Standard — variety of sizes and materials, including stainless steel;
  • Professional — for kebab or souvla only;
  • Built-in — with firebricks & a hand crank;
  • Manual and mechanical, electrical and gas;
  • Accessories — grills, chimneys, fire screens and electric motors.

Custom made BBQ’s in Cyprus

BBQ Foukou

What differentiates BBQ Foukou from the market is that the company custom-make BBQ’s, according to your requirements and space.


In addition to the mass production of equipment for Cyprus, the company ships their grills, barbeques and accessories worldwide. The company is doing everything possible to make its customers happy, and strives to maintain the image of “Cyprus Souvla” abroad!

Why BBQ Foukou?

  • BBQ FoukouThe company has one of the most comprehensive ranges of barbeques, grills and accessories in Cyprus.
  • Possibility to order custom-made.
  • Affordable prices.
  • High level of customer service.
    The company strives to maintain quality of service.
  • All equipment comes with a Certificate of Quality.

All their equipment is certified in accordance with the strictest quality standards.


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