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Eleourgia Pettemeridi LTD – the olive mill and bottling company

Eleourgia Pettemeridi LTD is the olive mill and bottling company in Cyprus, since 1946.teliko-2

Today, our company is located in Erimi on the west side of Limassol.

Our Olive Mill uses new technology of olive oil centrifugal extraction using waterless extraction, and bottling conventional extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil with brand name “Amathus” and “Hippocrates”, respectively.

The scope of our company is to keep the safety and quality level of products as high as possible. For this reason, it is certificated by ISO 22000:2005 and is applied the HACCP and GHP (Good Hygiene Practices). And for organic products, it is certificated by Control body – LACON LTD (CY-BIO-001).


hippocrates-logo amathus-logoThe last three years, we created a new line of products, independent of the existing one, which is base on the production of super foods – virgin oils and flours. The new range of products are belong to the health foods that are rich in antioxidants, Vitamins (D-E-K-A, B-complex), polyphenols, sterols, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/ anti-virus/ anti-cancer properties and are low in saturated fat, sugars and salt. It is worth mentioning that all products are gluten-free.


amathus-withherbs_360x360 amathus-glass-bottle_360x360 amathus-in-package_360x360


dscn0833-minThe new products are conventional or organic cold pressed virgin seed or nut oils and flours after extraction of oil (with low fat), which are obtained directly from raw seeds or nuts, like prickly pear seeds, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, flax seeds, pomegranate
seeds, sunflower seeds and others and solely by mechanical means, without chemicals agents. Their brand names are “Kalloni” and “VIP OILS”. And these products are certificated by ISO 22000:2005 and LACON LTD.


However, after a lengthy investigation, we have succeeded to apply a new machine at the end of production, so that the seed of olive is separated from the rest. Then, the olive seeds are dried, cleaned, crushed, separated by size, and are colored with water-soluble paints. This innovative product is natural and permeable to water, while prevents the water evaporation from the ground and if it is fitted at a thickness above 10 cm. It prevents the weed growth. It uses in interior or exterior decoration and ground cover.


logo-eleourgia-pettemeridi-ltd amathus-oil-of-hearts


All products are producing, bottling and packaging by Eleourgia Pettemeridi ltd. For many years, our company exports to Europe and other countries.

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