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How Animal Protein is Linked to Cancer

МясоWith all of the information out today, it is hard for anyone not to know about the dangers of meat consumption. There have been many studies done about how animal protein has a direct link to cancer. This may come as a surprise to some since meat has always been touted as a must for a balanced and healthy diet. But, as time goes by and more research is done, the health benefits of meat and other animal proteins have come under a heavy fire of questions.

One of the most recent studies reported on by Reuters showed that animal protein doubles a woman’s risk of developing endometrial cancer. In addition to this disturbing finding, according to reports by Chemical and Engineering News, there have been some seriously scary findings about chicken.

While many people think that chicken is the lesser evil when it comes to animal consumption, it has been found out that an estimated 70% of these seemingly healthy birds are actually fed arsenic. The chicken companies claim that this is done in order to make the birds grow faster and prevent them from contracting serious diseases that can pass into humans.

But the questionis how healthy is it for people to consume fowl that has been feed arsenic? This has been banned in all European states, so why is it still regular practice in America? This is especially disturbing since the EPA has announced that arsenic feed fowl has a great chance of causing colon, kidney, bladder, skin and lung cancer in those in consume it.

Even more frightening is the fact that even though government is aware of this practice, the FDA and the DOA has made the attempt to measure the levels of arsenic found in our poultry. One has to wonder why this is.

The final thing that should be mentioned is the evidence found in China that strongly links animal protein to cancer. Studies in this country show without a doubt that the animal protein we consume is the most carcinogenic thing that we put in our bodies, and carcinogenics are much worse than arsenic. This study proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the things added to animal products not only cause cancer to grow, they fuel the cancer cells making them produce faster than ever before.

Think about these things the next time you put a forkful of meat into your body.

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