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Petrides Farm Park in Marki Village

Our Farm Park covers a green area of 61000 m 2 .



It can be found in Marki Village which is located 20 minutes from Nicosia , 30 minutes from Larnaca and 45 minutes from Limassol .



Our main activity here is the production of free range eggs but we also host several farm animals such as donkeys, ponies, goats, pigs, ostriches, ducks, etc.



Our guests will have the chance to interact with all the animals, feed them, pet them and they can ride23621269_1558772500828458_4193179400617573760_n the donkeys. They can also collect eggs and visit the packing room where they will be informed about the free range egg production.



We can also organize ’’ survivor style’’ competition which can be lots of fun for kids and for adults as well or they can practice their football skills in our two football pitches.



In the Park we have more than 1000 olive trees and in the right season guests will have the chance to learn and practice the olive harvesting methods.21371189_1497207926984916_9160005856275343660_n


Our Cafeteria can provide coffee, juice, soft drinks etc. and lunch will be provided from a catering company .We can serve more than 300 people.

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