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PH photography: wedding photography in Cyprus

Wedding photography studio, PH Photography, offers professional photography of commemorative events, such as weddings, christenings and birthdays.

PH Photography PH Photography’s services:

  • wedding photography;
  • christening photography;
  • photography of corporate events;
  • photography of family events.

Professional photographer in Cyprus

The director and photographer of PH photography, Panayiotis, graduated photojournalism at two universities in Cyprus and Greece and has more than ten years professional experience working as a wedding photographer in Cyprus.

It’s important that the wedding is well documented and the beautiful story of the newlyweds is captured perfectly.

Panagiotis’ knowledge lets him show the solemnity of the event and tell a meaningful story in photos.

In his work, the photographer emphasises the naturalness, unobtrusively capturing exciting moments of the wedding, and creating living pictures. Panagiotis can artfully capture those unexpected moments that make the wedding unique and memorable for years to come.


PH Photography PH Photography PH Photography

Wedding photo session in Cyprus

The customers’ wishes are always taken into account during the picture shoot. Features of the landscape and striking architecture of the island are used.

Professional portraiture can also be carried out at the request of the customer.

All photo shoots, in any city in Cyprus, are by appointment.

Contact photographer tel: +357 96670130.

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