Troodos Hotel

Since antiquity the Troodos forest, consists the undisputed resort of the Kings, nobles and rulers of the eastern Mediterranean basin. There are countless evidences that testify that kings, princes, notables and wealthy bourgeois eminent repeatedly have chosen Troodos as the ultimate resort.

Troodos — the ultimate place for holiday

The house of the governor and now the summer residence of President of the Republic, the repeated visits of King Farouk and the legendary hotels in the region, consist only a few of the examples which testify to the timeless role Troodos as a luxury resort.

Surrounded by monuments of the world’s cultural heritage, in a unique natural landscape is today an attraction for tens of thousands of travelers who either spend their holidays or simply dealing with cycling and hiking.


Troodos HotelTroodos HotelTroodos Hotel

Troodos sights

In a distance of fifteen kilometers from the Troodos square one can see at least ten medieval monasteries and churches, five waterfalls, ten nature trails and cycle paths and forest and of course the Troodos square. All this at the most pleasant temperatures, in the fresh air of the forest away from the city with less than an hour riving from urban centers.

It’s so close to you but really so far away from our everyday life…

With all the comforts and services for a carefree holiday without overcharges and easily accessible by modern road network, is a smart choice for affordable vacations!

Troodos is objectively an oasis frequently described as a paradise.

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