A Journey to the Waterfalls of Troodos


Nothing is better on a hot summer day than going mountaineering to have a break from the severe scorching sun and enjoy the light noise of  the waterfalls.

To get acquainted with the Cypriot waterfalls, we start  on our way from Limassol  to one of the most famous Cypriot mountain villages Platres located at the height of 1,150 m above sea level.

Even the most sophisticated travelers are thrilled with this wonderful village, where one of the best mountain hotels, nice little houses of local inhabitants, traditional taverns and wineries are located.

Also, waterfalls created by nature itself – Kaledonia, Milomeri, Chantara and Mesa Potamos – are located not far from the village. Wonderful places! There is breeze and cool air even in the summer heat!

Waterfalls in Cyprus – Каledonia

Waterfalls in Cyprus - Каledonia

First, we are take the Kaledonia path towards the Kaledonia waterfall. It is  still not clear how the waterfall got its name.

They say that in the XIXth century a tourist from Scotland whose name was  Caledonia of yore  visited the landscape near the Cyprus waterfall and he found it  resembled his motherland,  there is no historical evidence but the name stuck.

You can get to the waterfall by two routes, but the best one is to take the main road  from the restaurant Psilo Dentro (‘a tall tree’ in Greek) located under the shadows of sycamores. And on the way, you can find grilled trout on the restaurant menu  which is bred  at the farm here

A walk to the waterfall starts along a cement road – you have to follow the Kaledonia Falls 2 km signpost. Then a winding path will go up along a woody slope and lead you to a grand beautiful waterfall about 13 m high. Kaledonia is the most famous and beautiful waterfall on the island.

Каledonia Waterfalls

You will enjoy the incredible smell of leaves, lush greenery and mountainous air during the trip. The path winds alongside a flowing mountain stream and   you can cross it from time to time. By the way, you will need waterproof shoes to cross the river.

Local vegetation is extremely varied. Here you can see century old pines and the most rare black poplar, alder and sycamores, gorse and barberry, rockrose and briar rose, and even a strawberry bush.

One should note that the path is very well planned and marked out and there is a map showing the way to the waterfall, a bridge across a spring, benches to have a rest, little staircases, plaques, which will tell travelers about the vegetation surrounding them.

After a long march it is so pleasant to crouch near the mountainous water, wash your face with the fresh water, which is as clear as crystal! You can sit down on one of the stones and observe fish, crabs, listen to birds’ singing and the rustle of leaves.

Waterfalls in Cyprus – Milomeri

Milomeri Waterfalls

We return to the village to have a snack in one of the taverns of Platres, have a little rest and leave for the next waterfall, which is considered to be Cyprus’ highest – the Milomeri waterfall.

Local inhabitants believe that the waterfall got its name in honor of a mill (‘milos’ is a mill in Greek), which used to be located in its vicinity.

Two routes lead to the waterfall. The first is a little longer than 1,200 m – it will take you half an hour to get to the waterfall by foot if you use it, and it starts 100 meters from the Faneromeni church in the village of Pano Platres. The path runs through a forest, which shares its coolness, quietness and calmness,  sometimes broken by woodland birds signing.

But since we have had enough walking, we chose another way. The second route can be taken to the same waterfall by car – from the village of PeraPedi we drive for about 4 km to Platres, or the same distance from Pano Platres towards Moniatis along the main road Limassol-Platres.

As soon as you see a brown signpost pointing to Milomeri (be very attentive, it is easy to miss it), you have to turn in that direction. The path will lead you to a dead end, where you should leave the car and walk several meters to the left and up a long steep staircase.

You cannot yet see the waterfall from here, as it is hidden behind high jagged rocks, which are washed by the mountain river Krios Potamos. As soon as a small bridge across the river ends, powerful roots of ancient trees, which look like magic trees from fairy tales, start peeping out from behind the rock.

And it is here we find the waterfall! The realm of coolness, moisture and shade mesmerizes people with its amazing natural beauty. We approach the mountainous waterfall and see how freely flowing water, squeezed by bulky rocks, is hitting the slippery stones with its immense strength, while water splashes are scattering around in millions of drops and creating a rainbow.

We scoop some cold water and refresh our faces. People say that some brave people  even stand under the icy streams of the waterfall!


Milomeri is perfect for photographer enthusiasts, which is why those who come here always bring cameras and strive to capture the primeval beauty of the place.

Meanwhile, fatigued after the day, we start back to the village of Platres to spend the night there.

Here you can find different options of accommodation – from modest apartments to hotels of the 3-4* level (the price of accommodation in a hotel 70-100 euros a room).

On our way there we drop into the Czech restaurant Neromilos, the hostess of which Gabriela welcomes the tired wanderers hospitably. By the way, if you happen to visit the restaurant, you must order a wonderful pork knuckle cooked to ancient recipes.

This is how our first day of travelling to waterfalls ended. Tomorrow we will visit the last two – the most noisy waterfall Chantara and the smallest Меsа Potamos.


Mesa Potamos waterfall


To the waterfall Mesa Potamos, you need to drive about 40 minutes from Limassol.

It is not as big as Caledonia and Melomeris, but still worthy of attention.

As you guessed it, it is located near the village of Mesa Potamos.

The path to it is not far away – only 5 minutes from the road, but very beautiful.

You walk along a mountain stream to a waterfall, enjoying the beauty and energy of the forest.

But when you see him, don’t stop right away. To the right of the waterfall, you can climb a little higher where you will find the top of the waterfall. There is a small bath and very beautiful landscapes. The energy is just great.

Despite the fact that the waterfall is small – only 7 meters high, it seemed to us very cozy and pleasant. In this place, you can walk along the stream, as there are many different paths and just sit on a bench, admire the beauty of the Cypriot forest and relax.







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