From the Camel Park to a Fisherman’s Village

A Saturday morning prompts you to think that it’s time to explore the island and see the interesting sights, whilst a bright spring sun promises a perfect warm day to do so.

But when you have children it’s about combining your interests in the cultural heritage of Cyprus, with simple children’s pleasures, and it occurs to us that there is a children’s park, where you can take the whole family, close to Limassol.  There is also the famous fishing village of Zygi not far from it.

The route is organised!

Парк верблюдов в МазотосеWe leave Limassol towards Larnaca, and head for the Camel Park in the village of Mazotos.

By the way, if you plan a trip from Paphos or Limassol, follow the signs to Zygi village, it will be quicker.

If you are coming from Larnaca, Ayia Napa or Protaras, you’d be better following the Mazotos sign.

A trip from Limassol towards the camel park takes about half an hour, so your trip will not be tiring and the children will undoubtedly enjoy the excursion.

Our hump-backed friends

Парк верблюдов в Мазотосе

The Camel Park in Mazotos, established in 1998, is quite small, but you can spend a whole day there, whilst the children enjoy the animals the parents can relax in the restaurant by the pool.

The children will greatly enjoy not only riding around the park on the camels and ponies, but also feeding the animals, which love locust beans (they can be purchased at the park for €1, or you can bring them with you).

There are not only camels living in the park, but also numerous birds, mouflons, donkeys and even kangaroos.

As a rule the park is less crowded than the famous Paphos Zoo for example, since the Camel Park has not yet been included in the tour routes, only the locals and tourists in the know come here.

A visit to the park is not expensive – entrance for children is €6, which includes the camel rides, and €4 for adults, which includes the use of the pool.  During the summer the zoo is open every day from 9 am until 7pm.

On the way to Zygi

Парк по продаже цветовAfter taking in enough sun, we realize it’s almost lunchtime and it would be good to enjoy a tasty meal.  You can have lunch right in the park without leaving the pool, but we prefer to return to Zygi as it’s here where the best fish taverns are located and where the locals come for lunch.

You should pay attention to an unusual flower shop on your way to Zygi.  This is actually not even a shop, but a whole park selling flowers.

Stop here for a short time and have a stroll amongst the bonsai and blossoming trees.  A cup of Cypriot coffee, taken in the shade of a small, cosy coffee shop, will be especially enjoyable.

About our daily bread


At last we arrive at our destination – the edge of the village of Zygi, where we have decided to end our trip after sampling the seafood in one of the tavernas.

The Captain’s Table boasts hard won popularity amongst locals and tourists.  Many people agree that the best fish meze between Larnaca and Limassol is served here.

Zygi is a traditional fishing village which is why the produce in the restaurants is so fresh. The interior of the Captain’s Table is in the traditional marine style and is located right on the edge of the village, which allows its customers to enjoy the meal and the vast expanse of the Mediterranean, with the little fishing boats and wonderful views.

Fish meze in Cyprus

Кипрское мезеIf you’re really hungry you should pay attention to the fish meze; the number of dishes is amazing.

You will be served traditional Cypriot appetizers (taramasalata, tahini, tzatziki, olives, the freshest bread and a Greek salad).

Various appetizers and seafood dishes – squid rolls, mussels, octopus, king shrimp, hot appetizers made from local fish, and many other dishes will follow.

The meal will be completed by freshly caught fish, grilled with spices.  The price of this feast is €25 per person.

It’s recommend, like everywhere in Cyprus, that you order no less than two portions, but even if you are very hungry, two portions of meze will most likely be sufficient for 4 people.

You should order a bottle of wonderful local white wine made from the xynisteri grape (for instance, Alina, which costs about €16).

New journeys are waiting for us

ЗигиOur Saturday trip is coming to an end.

Whilst strolling along the embankment, we enjoy the beauty of nature, and on the way to the car we discover wonderful statues, seemingly made from Mediterranean sand by the king of the underwater kingdom.

We keep thinking about the fact that the small and cosy island hides a great number of unexplored corners, which are ready to be seen by those who are willing to leave the usual tourist routes and get closer acquainted with Cyprus.



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