Bon Appetit: Gastronomical Tours around Cyprus

The Mediterranean is not just about sultry beaches and sun reflecting off azure waters, there is also the cuisine. Cyprus is certainly no exception – this is a real paradise for connoisseurs of fine food. Once sampled, never forgotten.

If we want to find authentic Cypriot cuisine then we should leave the tourist areas, and begin a fascinating journey that will take us all over the island. Let’s go!

Gastronomical Adventures

1. Cypriot halloumi and anari cheese

Cypriot halloumi and anari cheese

Did you know that you are only allowed to produce the famous halloumi and anari in Cyprus?  Their recipes are patented so no other country has the right to reproduce them with the same names. There is no difficulty in finding it in Cyprus of course, as practically every village has its own creamery.

A trip to the family run Mesarka Dairy in Athienou is a very special experience.  They deliver cheese all over the island.

The owner, Olga, will happily give you a tour, and share a secret or two with you about the making of this famous cheese.

2. Getting Acquainted with Olive Pressing

Olive oilOf course, if you come to Cyprus in the summer you will be too late for the process – a good reason to stay on the island of Aphrodite until late autumn or winter when the olive processing is in full swing.  Locals take freshly harvested juicy olives to special presses located all over the island.  You can visit one of these places and watch the work being done.

But even in summer you can enjoy olives by visiting an olive growing farm located in the village of Skorinou, between Larnaca and Limassol.

Not only can you purchase the olive oil at a reasonable price, but you can visit one of the restaurants where amazing dishes are cooked to ancient family recipes.

Enjoying a meal surrounded by citrus trees is a pleasant additional bonus.  Tasty food and a wonderful aroma will certainly make the evening unforgettable!

3. The Secrets of making Luntsa, Loukanika, Khiromeri, as well as Jam, Liqueur and Rose pettle Tea


All these culinary secrets are carefully preserved in the village of Agros, where one of the best smokehouses in Cyprus is located.  Even the locals come here to buy the freshest meat products and the best Cypriot sausages. The owner will gladly tell you about his products and take you for a deliciously aromatic tour.

After you’ve purchased all your deli meats, don’t forget to drop into the factory which creates products made from roses.  Here they produce the thinnest handmade candles and an incredibly wide range of cosmetics.

But the attention of the connoisseur will undoubtedly be attracted to the rose liqueurs and different teas.  Rose water, the health properties of which are well known, is produced in the factory, whilst the products made from it are also produced in additional places in Cyprus and Greece.Cyprus jam

The final note of our visit to Agros will be a trip to the Nicos confectionery factory.  Like the majority of enterprises on the island, Nicos is a family company, where the traditions of producing the famous Cypriot jam are preserved.

At the factory they have about 50 types of various jams on offer.  Here you will find the traditional varieties, as well as the very unusual – jams made from aubergine, green walnuts, carrots and watermelon.

4. Famous Cypriot wineries

Cypriot wineries

The Cypriot wine tours can take up some time so it may be an idea to make these the theme of a separate trip, but you should certainly select at least one of the routes to enjoy the best wine.

You will find the routes of Diarizos (Paphos -Limassol) and Krasochoria (near Limassol) especially interesting.

The Diarizos tour includes the villages of Agios Georgious, Agios Nikolaos, Arminou, Mesana, Kelodedara, Chloretria and Nikokleia.

The Krasochoria tour will take you to the villages of Agios Amvrosios, Vouni, Koilani, Kato Platres, Agios Pavlos, Zoopigi, Trimiklini, Lania, Doros and Monagri. It also includes a visit to the ancient castle of Kolossi and the Erimi wine museum, which is famous throughout the Mediterranean.

As a rule Cypriot wineries are open every day, but it’s wise to plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

Try to visit the wineries in season so you can help in harvesting the grapes, enjoy a lunch with the owners in a warm and homely atmosphere, sample the amazing grape juice and even see how sudzukos (almond in grape molasses is cooked), the famous Cypriot treat. You can also buy comandaria wine, which has long been an emblem of the island, as well as zivania.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting at the wineries is usually free, but some of them may ask for a small sum (up to €10) for appetizers.

Whilst travelling around Cyprus, pay attention to the various places where you can sample the products and see how they’re made.  It’s here where you will get a good feel of the island, learning its history and traditions.  Imagine how much more special it is to present your guests with a wine from a winery you’ve visited, or offer special meats or cheeses from the smokehouse you can tell them about.

Don’t doubt that the gastronomical culture of Cyprus will leave you wanting to come back to the island again and again.

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