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Today, we invite you to come with us to one of the most famous wine-producing villages in Cyprus – Koilani. This small village, with a population of about 300 people, has several well-known wineries, but we will tell you about everything step by step.

The way to Koilani village

Travelling towards Limassol on the main road to Troodos, almost immediately after Trimiklini village, turn left in the direction of Pera Pedi where, incidentally, is one of our most favorite places to stop for a hearty meal – the Czech restaurant, Neromilos.

In the village itself you should find a sign to Koilani. After about two kilometers you will come to the church, located near the road. This will be the first stop.


Деревня КиланиДеревня КиланиKilani

Sights of the village

The church of Saint Mavri (Ayia Mavri) in Koilani was founded in the 12th century. This very small church will amaze you with its interesting internal design. It is divided into two parts; below is a temple and at the top is the porch. They are united by steps leading from the first to the second floor.

In this church one can find numerous amazing frescoes dating from 12-15th centuries. You can spend hours admiring the image of the Virgin surrounded by the archangels Gabriel and Michael.

Near the temple grows a magnificent mighty sycamore. To the western side of the church, adjacent to the rock, is where the water flow starts, carried directly into the consecrated temple.

During the Ottoman rule, the church was part of a small Orthodox Monastery. It has a cross-domed structure, but also has a second roof, as is typical with other churches of the area.

In Koilani you can find two other churches – the Church of Christ, the only begotten Son, which is a one-nave temple in the centre of the village.

The first remnants of the temple date back to the 17th century. The building was rebuilt 2 centuries later. Currently, it has a collection of interesting and rare icons that were previously in other churches of the village.


Деревня КиланиДеревня Килани

The Church of Panagia is the second parish church of the community.

In the courtyard of a large temple of the Virgin Mary, which stands in the center of the village, there is a small church museum where there are icons, samples of wood carving and some church plate from Koilani.

Cyprus winemaking

But Koilani is not only famous for its saintly places. The village is also of great architectural interest. In addition, to the west of Koilani, is Afami, which is famous throughout the island for its vineyards.

“Afamiya” is also the name of the festival, which is held annually in Koilani. Every year in late September, the village attracts people from all over the island. This event is considered to be the second most important event after the wine festival in Limassol, but knowledgeable people prefer to go here.

Here you can try the products of local wineries – Ayia Mavri, Vardalis and others. After all, not far from Koilani there are many famous wineries!

This festival covers the entire village. On the narrow streets they exhibit the products of local farmers. Here you will find all things relating to grapes (sudzukos, paluze, grape jelly cut into neat diamonds) and, of course, local wine and zivania!

The Ayia Mavri Winery is famous for its wines all over Cyprus. The stone buildings at the entrance to the village were the gem of the area, and are one of the main attractions.

The owner of the winery, who in the past was an English teacher, and her husband, a doctor by profession and who has a clinic in Limassol, decided that their love and interest in wine should become not just a hobby, but a way of life.

The winery was named after the Church of St. Maura, located in Koilani, which we discussed earlier.


Ayia Mavri wineryAyia Mavri wineryВинодельня Айя Маври

Since the interior of the church has Byzantine roots, the winemaker decided to use a handwritten Byzantine font for the labels.

Now these labels are known all over the island, and the winery has repeatedly won top honors at prestigious competitions in Cyprus. Currently, the winery produces 10 different types of wine, including a beautiful white and pink dessert wine from the grape variety “Muscat”.

Each year, the winery is producing about 40 thousand bottles of wine, which can be found in many supermarkets, but, of course, better to buy the coveted drink directly from the winery.

Винодельня VardalisIn the heart of Koilani you will also find the Vardalis winery, founded by three expert winemakers from Cyprus and then sold to a Russian businessman, Viktor Velichko, who expanded the business and ensured that Vardalis wines became famous island-wide.

Visitors to the winery can relax on the outdoor terrace and admire the magnificent mountain views, as well as sample the excellent Cyprus wine and traditional snacks.

Koilani is a great choice for those travelers who want to get acquainted with the history and traditions of Cyprus and learn more about wine and wineries on the island as a whole.

The most beautiful wineries are concentrated in the village itself and in the immediate vicinity, and what a pleasure to take part in local festivals and enjoy a relaxed evening in one of the mountain taverns.

Believe me, Koilani is the place you want to come back again and again.

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