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Today we will travel around Paphos to reach the cozy village of Kathikas and learn of the legends of the Adonis baths. From Paphos we go in the direction of Polis and closely follow the signs to Polis and Kathikas.

Wine Village

Kathikas is located on the Laona plateau at an altitude of 650 m above sea level, 25 kilometers from Paphos. From this plateau you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the southern coast of Cyprus.


Деревня Катикас


KathikasThe mountain village of Kathikas is fairly well-known in the region due to the fact that Kathikas is one of the wine-growing centers in this area. I must say that the Paphos wines are highly regarded in Cyprus due to their excellent taste.

You will probably notice that Kathikas differs from the other Paphos villages in that it is not as high as Statos-Agios Photios or Pano Panagia, and there are no unique attractions, but the endless vineyards at the entrance to the village will captivate you.

Right in the center of the village is the church of Panagia Evangelistria, and if you drive a little further you will get to the winery Stern. Sterna Winery is an open air museum of sorts, overlooking 50 hectares of vineyards, an old cellar for wine storage and a small winery.

Wine has been produced here for a long time, but now the winery is using the most modern production methods: in the cellar the required temperature is maintained all year round creating ideal conditions for the aging process.

In Kathikas there is still one of the most famous wineries of Cyprus – K & K Vasilikon. This regional company was founded in 1993 by three brothers, each taking the lead in certain areas: an experienced lawyer, Giorgos, was responsible for the legislative support of the company, Hercules, engaged in Viticulture and Oenology, and Yannis, responsible for management.Kathikas

Their combined knowledge and experience has allowed them, in a relatively short time, to turn Vasilikon wine into one of the gems of Cyprus wine, appreciated by the best restaurantswine merchants and hotels in Cyprus.

If you get a chance, be sure to visit one of the rustic taverns where you can enjoy a taste of fine dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients.

By the way, Kathikas is undoubtedly the place of interest for travelers: this small mountain village, with a population of about 350 people, is a shining example of a modern way of life in a rural area. Here you will feel the unique rhythm of Cyprus.

Adonis Baths

Cyprus, Adonis Baths, nicer than expected. water coldWe leave this friendly village and go to the Adonis Baths. A trip of about 10 km will pass quickly as each side of the road has breathtaking views.

Here there are dark mountains, a natural carved gorge and a running stream, with a roaring waterfall forming two lakes.

Above the small lake, with a depth of 6 metres, is a hanging tree trunk with a rope where daredevils jump into the icy, invigorating water. To stand under the waterfall and plunge into the cold water on a hot summers day!

Once these baths were part of a water mill, and, as experts of Cyprus Tourism Organization believe, the baths are the fruit of imagination and entrepreneurial spirit of the Miller’s son.

Купальни АдонисаThis natural area was in the private ownership of Nicholas Theodore and, later, inherited by his son, Pambos. As a child, he spent a lot of time in the baths, and when he had a family of his own, he decided to create a theme park here.

Pambos worked on his creation. He had 950 trucks of stones delivered for the construction and restoration of the mill, created a traditional house museum with a small cafe, laid the stone stairs and paths that lead to the waterfalls, and set the statues of mythical heroes.

Directly in front of the baptismal font the ten-metre statue of Aphrodite stands. According to mythology, the Goddess of love was associated with Adonis, the beautiful young man, after whom the baths were named. Pambos tells his guests fascinating myths and stories, and people listen to them with interest and curiosity.

Entrance to the Adonis baths is 9 euro for adults and 7 euro for children.

Well, our entertaining trip came to the end, but we are still confident that the amazing island of Cyprus is ready to give us still more interesting trips!

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