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How to get to Anoyira

Today we’ll take a fascinating journey into the village Anoyira. You can reach it quite easily both from Paphos and from Limassol.

From Limassol we drive on the main road and, before we reach Pissouri, follow the signs to the village Avdimou. The signs for the village itself only begin after the exit from the highway, and whilst driving on the highway, you can focus on the small brown signs that indicate historical sites, in particular, Avdimou and Pachna.

Cultural and historical heritage

The village Anoyira, located near the village of Avdimou, has a long history, going way back in time. Archaeological excavations indicate that about 8000 years ago, there were Neolithic settlements. Currently, the village is home to only 250 people, but they have managed to preserve their historical heritage and ancient traditions.

One example of this heritage is a spring water source Apikreni. Several years ago, the spring was cleaned and renovated, and the now cool and fresh water pleases travelers, rising to the village like a winding serpentine.

Here you can find another monastery of the Holy Cross (the first is located in Omodos village) – Timios Stavros, which was founded on the site of a Byzantine settlement, mentioned in the “Acts” as “Chora Anogiron” (land Anogiron).


Деревня АногираДеревня АногираДеревня Аногира

The church was built in the 14th century and there are still some frescos dating back to the 15th century. Unfortunately, most of the frescoes were lost, but even the few that are preserved are of exceptional cultural and historic value.

According to the legend, a tunnel passed under the monastery, where the monks stored their treasures – gold and silver church artifacts, as well as other valuables. Every year, on the August 1st, a festival takes place in the monastery, which attracts former inhabitants of the village from all over the island.

Local sweets

In addition, and only in Anoyira Village you learn how to make the sweet treat “pastel” from carob syrup in the traditional way. There is also a carob museum where exhibits related to the preparation of products from this well-known Cyprus delicacy can be seen and mention is made of its various medicinal properties.

Pastels are usually produced from September to May, because in hot weather is very difficult to give sweets the necessary form. For this purpose they take the largest samples of carob, as they contain more sugar. And every September in Anoyira a festival dedicated to this wonderful delicacy takes place.

Stones monoliths in Anoyira

Also in the village there are wonderful stone monoliths. And even if you are totally indifferent to the legends and myths, it can be intriguing listening to the tales of the locals, about the miraculous healings and mystical stories.

Some of the stones are easy to find, but there are some carefully hidden from prying eyes.

Деревня АногираStones, which are from 1 to 3 meters in height are surrounded by legends. Scientists still cannot understand their purpose. According to one legend the stone, which is buried in the village cemetery, was a place where parents brought their ill children, passed them through the hole in the center, and the children recovered from illness. (close to Anoyira 11 rocks were found with holes in the middle),

Another legend associated with the stone located near Pachna village. According to this legend, if wife of a man was able to climb through the hole in the rock, she would remain faithful to him. According to another tradition, the stones were thought to help sick women or children.

However, it is likely that the stone monoliths are simply part of the ancient olive presses that were used on the island during the reign of Queen Caterina Cornaro.

Other sights

Деревня АногираBut there is not the end of attractions of the small village. We recommend a visit to the Nicolaides winery, which now annually produces about 100,000 bottles of excellent Cyprus wines. Among them a dry white Chardonnay is especially popular and in great demand. Also you should pay attention to the rose wine from Nicolaides. And red wine lovers could try the traditional Cyprus wine from Maratheftiko.

Finally, if you still have time, be sure to visit another interesting place near the village – the Oleastro Olive Park, where the ancient olive press, olive museum, a modern restaurant and a shop of traditional products are found.


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