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Beautiful Kyperounta is located 1,130-1,300 m above sea level, and is considered to be one of the largest mountain villages with a population of approximately 1,500.

It is certainly the largest village in the Petsilia area.

The settlement derives its name from the plant Cyperus Rotundus (kyperos), while its history dates back to Byzantium rule! One legend has it that the name of the village is derived from a sedge which is widespread in the region, the Cyperus rotunus. Time-worn historical documents of that time mention the village as Chiperonda.

The Fairytale Life of Кyрerounta

This piece of paradise is located at the foot of the majestic peaks of Madari and Paputs. It is interesting to observe how the image of the village changes with the seasons of the year – in winter there is snow, in spring the air is filled with the fragrance of blossoming fruit trees, in summer everything is smothered in coolness and greenery, while in autumn there are ripe fruits. The river of Kouris flows through the village, which splits the area into narrow deep valleys.

The main occupation of the inhabitants of the village is agriculture. The village grows fruit trees, mainly apples, аpricots, pears, plums, peaches and cherries and, of course, there are very many vineyards, which are considered to be the most high-altitude vineyards in Europe, as some are located at the height of 1,420 m above sea level.

The climate of the region is similar to that of one of the most famous wine-growing regions of the world, the Bordeaux province in France.  Here they grow white xynisteri and chardonnet, red syrah and cabernet.


Деревня КиперунтаДеревня Kyperounta

Vines are planted along narrow fortified terraces in three rows. The outer row, which receives most sun and less moisture, is ideal for growing chardonnet, while xynisteri is planted closer to the slope.

Apart from grapes, Кyрerounta produces a third of all the nations’ harvest of pears and apples. This is why, every year on the second weekend of October, Кyрerounta holds an apple festival. Since 2000, Кyрerounta is the only village in Cyprus where a new variety grows – nachi achladomila! This novelty has joined the store with 23 other types of apple which grow in the village.

Culture of Кyрerounta

Деревня Kyperounta

The village has inherited 5 churches and chapels from Byzantium rule: the church of Agia Marina, the church of the Saint Arsenius of Cappadocia, the church of the Holy Mother, the chapel of Saint Cross, the church of Assumption and the chapel of Saint Kindias.

The church of Agia Marina was built in honour of the protector of the village. In its current condition it is a three-aisled basilica of the 18th century, with a unique triple roof standing on wooden poles.

The chapel of Saint Cross is the oldest church in the village. Its foundation goes as far back as the 16th century. The church preserves unique murals. Since 1996 the church has been operating as a museum, where meetings of the church community also take place. In the yard, you can wander through a wonderful botanical garden.

You can also visit two museums in the village. A traditional museum of village life and history, in which you can see exhibits demonstrating village life and preserved animals, birds and reptiles, which represent the fauna of Cyprus.

The second is the Independence Museum, which is located in a renovated house of hero Khristodulous Kannaoru, who took part in the struggle of the ЕОКА fighters against British colonialism in 1955-1959. He was killed by the British in his house, accused of giving shelter to the insurgents.



The final point of our journey to the village will be a visit to the Kyperounta winery, one of the largest in Cyprus, which produces about 400,000 bottles of wonderful Cyprus wine every year.

The owner, Mr. Minas Mina, will greet you, take you for a tour and you tell you with pride about the modern wine-making enterprise. And he does have something to be proud of!

Mr. Mina started wine-making in 2002 and sold the first wine in 2003.  In just a year he received a bronze medal at an international wine contest in France for the type of chardonnay grape, while in 2 years the wine was already worth a silver award.

Cabernet sauvignon has taken gold medals at prestigious competitions in Greece twice, аnd in 2012, at a contest of Cypriot wines, the winery received 5 gold medals, after which it was acknowledged the best on the island.

One of the most famous wines, Petritis, made of traditional xynisteri, is known island-wide and is on most of the wine lists of the high-quality hotels and restaurants. But the owner of the winery believes that it is the pink wine that suits the Cypriot cuisine best, so trust the experienced enthonologist and try this winery’s Rose.

See You Again!

Our journey is coming to an end and it’s time to return home, but don’t be sorry! There are so many wonderful villages in Cyprus that we will visit one of them, and drop into Кyрerounta again to enjoy the wonderful fruit gardens, Byzantium churches and unforgettable landscapes.

Many people say that you can cross Cyprus in just one day. Perhaps, you can, if we are talking about just driving across it. But believe us, you cannot learn about all the hidden nooks and wonderful little villages in just one day!

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