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Concert of Persian classical music in Nicosia

Sunday 20th of March at 20:30

The Pharos Arts Foundation, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Cyprus present the concert of Persian classical music with the participation of the Rohaab band, which plays on the traditional Eastern music instrucments such as: Oud, tombak, Ney, Santur, Tar, DAF, Persian kamancheh.

From the times of Achemenid Emprire in the VI Century B.C. and up until today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the holder of ancient Persian culture, which existed through the times of amazing successes and extraordinary losses. Regardless of numerous invasions, the Persians managed to preserve their unique cultural heritage.

The classical Persian music reflects the deep sorrow from the invasions of fierce conquerors, the beauty of nature, the power of people’s spirit, as well as other social and cultural values, which became the heritage of the Iranians.

With the establishment of Islam as the main State religion in 7th century A.D., a significant mutual influence of Arabic and Persian music took place, including instruments and terminology. Due to the prohibition of music and Art by Islam, the Persian classical music in Iran was elevated to the rank of religious art.

In turn, the modernization and Europeanisation of Iran not simply changed the form of Persian music, but also permitted to present this art around the world.

Place: The Shoe Factory
Address: Nicosia, Cyprus (View on the map)
Contact data: +357 22 663871


  • Concert

Ticket price:

  • €15 - per ticket

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