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“FACE your FEARS off” – first immersive show in Cyprus 28/11

Do you often have situations in your life when fear paralyses your actions?

Our performance takes you through the journey of fear or stress, in order to be able to manage your thougths and feelings, yet face yourself some minor difficulties in order to look ahead and live interesting life.

To face your fears and transform them into positive energy is the goal of the performance.

Beautiful and sensual  immersive show.

The beauty and frankness of choreography.

All feelings, emotions, experiences become real. The audience completely immersed into the actions taking place in parallel at different ends of the hall, and the entire 1010Hall turns into one large theater stage.

There is no stage or audience; everyone is equal here and everyone can take part. Each plot unfolds its own theme, but they are all united by one concept. This drama involved human passions – seduction, xenophobia, loss of mind, shame and “sobering”.

– Anna Balaeva LOFT DANCE from the project “Dance Show on TNT” presents “social phobia”

– Bodyart. Art show. Artist – Andrey Zhokhov

– Show on the pylon. “Fear of the liberation of one’s sexuality” will be presented by Irina Yugay.

– Diana Chebotarjova – crucified on the cross, symbolizes the “fear of feminism”

– Ariana Belof stands for “fear of life”

– Psychedelic original video to unique music with immersion in another reality SigitovArt

– DJ Sergey Rush

– Open bar.

– Girl dancing in paranja (ballet dance performance Ariana Belof).

Subconscious and reality.

Revived paintings.

A journey through the most secret the dark corners of the soul. The closure of gestalt (stereotypes).

Everyone will plunge into the performance and feel not only a viewer, but also a participant.


Date and time: Thursday November 28 from 20.30 to 23.30

Place: Nicosia, 1010 Hall

Entrance 18+

Price 30 euro ( include cheese & wine) 

Get your ticket on line 

Tel .: 95 511505



Ticket price:

  • €30 - включая напитки и еду

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