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For the first time in Cyprus Clown theatre of plastic comedy “MIMIRICHI” will perform with the program “Paper World”

This is a show with no language barrier. That is why he travels all over the world, delighting and inspiring both adults and children.

There are no words.

Only emotions!

The theatre of plastic comedy “MIMIRICHI” won world recognition, touring in more than 45 countries of the world – their bright shows were seen by the audience in Europe, the USA, South America, Japan, Germany, Asia, and other countries. And now he will perform in Cyprus with the legendary show for adults and children – “Paper World”, a funny, hazardous and enthralling production, told by the universal language of facial expressions, plasticity and gesture.

The theatre of plastic comedy “MIMIRICHI” synthesizes the circus genre and the variety show genre, using the theatrical art of performances based on pantomime. A distinctive feature of “MIMIRICHI” is improvisation and constant contact with the public, which they use in their performances.

The pantomime theatre “MIMIRICHI” is 40 years old. Having conquered Broadway and won many prestigious awards, “MIMIRICHI” performed with George Michael, Tom Jones and Prince. The world’s most famous mime Marcel Marceau was the first to turn his attention to original artists.

Victories and prizes at various festivals and competitions brought the actors of “MIMIRICHI” great popularity in the world. In 1991, they entered the World Clown Association in Bognor Regiers (Great Britain), received the “gold prize” at the 1st International Variety Actor Competition in Stuttgart.

The original style of the theatre “MIMIRICHI” contains elements of productions of such great comedians as Marcel Marceau, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton. Complementing the achievements of the recognized masters with author’s developments, mimes have formed their own stage language. Their shows combine dramatic and theatrical art, as well as pantomime, variety shows, circus performances, and improvisation.

The heroes of the play, professionals of pantomime, take the enthusiastic audience with them into the magical and unique “Paper World”.

These wizards perform on the stage, not just reproducing clown tricks and showing inexhaustible imagination. By building paper monsters and phantoms, they make you enjoy life, laugh, think about the eternal questions of good and evil.

“Paper World” is a festive show for adults and children.

It will be interesting and funny!

“Paper World” is a festivity for children, they joyfully collect a pile of papers that fly into the hall during the performance, play with clowns, throwing paper balls at them, get sick the loudest in anticipation of a paper goal and grab paper flakes flying from the stage, keeping them as a part of the miracle presented by wonderful clowns.

Adults are also invited to plunge into childhood, laugh and play hooligans! In general, feel like children and have a wonderful time with the whole family. So, children, take your mom, dad, grandparents with you! Come with the whole family!

Only 4 performances in Cyprus.

October 6,7,8,9 – Larnaca, Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, at 19:00.





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