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Maserati – Blu Diamond Fashion Day 17/11

After the great success of the two previous Blu Diamond Fashion Days, Blurred Magazine is organizing the ‘Maserati – Blu Diamond Fashion Day’ (MBDFD) for the 3rd consecutive year on Sunday 17th of November at Trakasol – Limassol Marina.

MISSION: To present the new collections of local and international Designers and Boutiques for the Autumn- Winter 2019/20 season in “high end” fashion shows and presentations. Our goal is to be the most prestigious and cutting-edge fashion event on the island! Promoting fashion in a Fashion Week concept!

There will be a total of 9 shows 12:00 – 22:00 for the whole day and more than 50 exhibitions including Fashion Photography, Fashion Design, Bridal, Make Up, etc. More than 3000 guests attended the previous Blu Diamond Fashion Day and we expect more than 5000 guests for this season!

Every 1 – 1.5 hours a new show will begin where designers and boutiques can participate in a single / unique full show or collaborate with other designers and boutiques to create their group show (see next pages for details).

There are several participation packages for you to select from in the following pages.

1. Participate in THE BIGGEST FASHION EVENT in Cyprus. Identification with the biggest fashion festival.
2. It is taking place in the MOST POPULAR PLACE IN LIMASSOL, THE LIMASSOL MARINA with: A. 5000 people attendance/day, B. huge space, C. new facilities, D. parking, E. hospitality services, F. network of successful individuals and G. easy access!
3. It takes place JUST BEFORE THE CHRISTMAS when: a. the season’s demand for AW clothes is at its peak, b. no weddings on weekends (40 days before Christmas) and c. bridal preparations.
4. RUSSIAN, LEBANESE & ARMENIAN Communities: we embrace these communities by having: a. Art Exhibition of Russian Artists, b. Special shows of RUSSIAN, LEBANESE & ARMENIAN fashion designers, c. invitations of their most important institutions eg ambassadors, investors and VIPs & d. partner with their main media eg radio stations and magazines.
5. SUPPORT THE FASHION MARKET: a. 80% of the guests buy new clothes just to attend the BDFDs & b. increase in sales of the participants because the guests see the collections.
6. KEEP YOUR CLIENTS HAPPY: Invitations to your already established clients and new potential ones are mostly respected by them and 70% of them buy from you the following 3 weeks after the event!
7. INCREASE YOUR CLIENTELE: Totally is expected to overpass the 5000 guests! New people will get to know your brand and you have the potential to increase your clientele!
8. GREAT EXPOSURE IN MEDIA: Websites, Magazines, Social Media, Bloggers etc. Opportunity to increase your followers.
9. Obtain QUALITY MATERIAL PHOTOS & VIDEOS (if selected); material for your own use eg for look books, for your web site and social media.
10. VALUE FOR MONEY due to the huge participation we can increase the quality and reduce the costs. Its less costly with more quality from making your own fashion show.
11. RELATED ATTENDANCE: as mentioned, more than 3000 guests attended our previous ΒDFD.
– Attendances:
1. 75% women
2. 90% of middle and upper income
3. Distinguished guests from the media, political and business sector
12. SUPPORT THE CYPRIOT DESIGNERS and promote the fashion industry over the island and abroad.
13. SEVERAL PACKAGES FOR ALL NEEDS to choose from to cover all needs, budgets and media exposure.
14. NETWORK: New collaborations, know-how, share of expertise between participants.


PLACE: Limassol Marina – Trakasol.
TIME / FASHION SHOWS: 12:00 – 22:30
ENTRANCE: Invitations & Tickets. More than 3000 guests. 400 Sittings per show.



Ticket price:

  • €20 - random sitting
  • €25 - Front Row VIP (named)

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