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Oedipus the King by Sophocles

16th July, 21st July and 23rd July at 9pm

As part of International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama, Cyprus Theatro Dentro will present Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, perhaps the most emblematic ancient drama of them all, the tragedy which examines the individual in respect of personal freedom, power, society and divine will.

The oracle at Delphi predicts that Thebes will be saved as soon as the person responsible for the death of King Laius is found and expelled from the city. So, Oedipus begins an investigation. The deeper he goes, the closer it brings him to the truth. Three stages, three Oedipuses in time. It damages them and declares the existence of death.

Oedipus himself, who had saved Thebes from the scourge of the Sphinx, is now responsible for the moral pollution of the city. Truth becomes timeless, it transcends people’s lifetime, it overcomes death. Oedipus becomes one of us, and we become him.

Tickets available:

  • SOEASY kiosks in the biggest cities;
  • Musical Paradise shops;
  • TIME OUT kiosks in Paphos;
  • In N Out Kiosk in Paralimni;
  • online at

Performances in foreign languages will be offered with English and Greek subtitles.

All performances in Greek language will feature English subtitles.

For additional information call 70 002414 or visit


Date 16th July at 21:00
Place: Skali Aglantzias
Address: Nicosia, Cyprus (View on the map)
Contact data: +357 22 46223300

Date 21st July at 21:00
Place: Paphos Ancient Odeon
Address: Paphos Cyprus (View on the map)

Date 23rd July at 21:00
Place: Curium Ancient Theater
Address: Limassol Cyprus (View on the map)


  • Theatre

Ticket price:

  • €10 - per ticket
  • €5 - for students and pensioners

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