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TEDxUniversityofNicosia Unbelievable 30/11


We live in an era of amazement. From advanced technological disruption to the stories shared of the sheer will of ordinary people achieving extraordinary feats. Life today is simply unbelievable.

At TEDxUniversityofNicosia we feel there are two categories of unbelievable: the inspiring and the discouraging. While news media more often concentrate on the discouraging, this year’s TEDxUniversityofNicosia wishes to share both, but mainly, those inspiring, unbelievable stories that enrich societies.

On November 30th TEDxUniversityofNicosia will bring to its stage ten speakers and four performers who will share their stories around the concept of unbelievable. By doing so TEDxUniversityofNicosia hopes to play its part in spreading a feeling of… ‘wow’.

The unbelievable theme meets three of the most essential TEDTalk objectives:

To democratize knowledge and science
To stimulate and arouse audiences around the world
To spark deep discussion and connections


  • Conference

Ticket price:

  • €30 - per ticket
  • €20 - for students

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